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Taking care of oneself is important all year round, but as students return back to school it can be hard to keep up the motivation to stay healthy. Between classes starting, catching up with friends, going out at night, attending clubs and organizations – it’s easy to lose the inspiration to be active. Exercise is important and it you commit to a regular exercise routine, it can definitely help you cope better with the back-to-school transition. Plus, you’ll have more energy and focus plus a stronger immune system to fight off colds and the flu.

Here are some ideas, which will enable you to get and stay fit during the Fall.


Exercise Classes:

Most colleges and universities have fitness centers that offer free exercise classes, often taught by students themselves. These classes can range from kickboxing, yoga, circuit-training, Pilates, spinning and abs classes – and that’s just to name a few. Since students often teach these classes, the timing of the classes will most likely be convenient for you and close by if you are living on-campus.

Take Advantage of the Weather:

Fall has amazing weather. The air is crisp, it isn’t humid, and the temperature is great. Take advantage of this! Go for a hike on a trail with your friends, cycle outside through a park, or go for a run.

Watch TV:

I know what you’re thinking, “Watching TV isn’t exercising…” Make a date with Netflix or Hulu and go on an exercise machine at the gym. That way, the time will fly by and you will be able to catch up on all of your TV shows. Watch two 22-minute episodes or one 45-minute episode, and before you know it, you’ll have gotten a great workout in on the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike or the stair climb machine. Farewell to exercise boredom!

Reward Yourself:

After exercising, reward yourself with a Pumpkin Spiced Latte (with fat-free milk!) from Starbucks, or a Pumpkin Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts. If you treat yourself, you’ll be more motivated.

Ask a Friend:

Since it’s the beginning of the year, you may be overwhelmed with tasks, which is totally normal. You may be finding it hard to catch up on all your reading and extra-curricular activities. Finding time for friends and socializing may be a challenge. If you ask a friend who you haven’t seen in a while to hit the gym with you, it’s a great way for you to chat and catch up while being healthy. Workout buddies are always great for motivation also.


Even the most motivated of us can feel unmotivated at times and sometimes we get into such a slump that even thinking about making positive changes seems too difficult. But once you commit to exercising while at college you’ll feel much better and life will be easier. 

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