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As a college student, your days are naturally filled with stress and things to do. It’s rare that a day goes by without you running through dozens of to-dos and thinking about what you have to accomplish by the end of the week. It’s so easy to fall into a stressful routine and not take your mental health into consideration. Finding tools to help de-stress and take the edge off your day is a major key. Follow these steps to make your days easier and fill your head with more positive thoughts.

Wake up with a good mindset

Waking up stressed can ruin your whole day. Waking up and lying in bed while listing all of the things you have to do today can also ruin your day. Set positive intentions for your day while you’re still in bed. When you wake up, push all the negativity aside. Be sure to take a few minutes every morning just preparing a good attitude. This will remove the negative expectations for your day and make your day easier.

Stop and breathe

If you don’t give yourself any time throughout the day to stop and just breathe, you’ll naturally get overwhelmed. Deep and calming breathing is one of the best tools you have to de-stress; it calms, energizes and decompresses you. Take multiple breaks throughout the day just to sit with your eyes closed and breathe for three minutes.

Take time to disconnect

Your electronics can be a big factor in why you’re stressed. If you’re constantly checking your email and assignment dates and whatnot, you’re going to get overwhelmed and stressed. Electronics cause a ton of overstimulation when you are already stimulated and stressed. Put all your electronics down for at least 10 minutes every day just to regroup. Putting down your phone and computer will allow you to notice what is happening around you. A great time to do this is when you are taking time to breathe. And of course, remember to disconnect from electronics at least 20 minutes before bed!

It can be incredibly challenging to de-stress when you have so much going on. Try these easy steps to take the edge off and to take in the moment! Using these tool to help you de-stress will help your overall routine and your mental health.

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