Workout Brands to try out for Spring!

Spring is just around the corner and the freezing weather is finally fading away. That means it’s a great time to get back into working out, whether that is running outside, going to the gym, workout classes, Crossfit, or Orange Theory. No matter how you choose to exercise, you want to be comfortable while you workout. Check out these brands who offer great workout clothes options!

  1. Lululemon - Lululemon has a lot of hype behind it and is great quality but does have a high price. They offer a range of styles and fits, and a range of products for different levels of activity. I recommend trying some Lulu out at some point, but the price is a hard pill to swallow!

  2. Fabletics- Fabletics, Kate Hudson’s brand, is becoming more popular since many social media influencers have sponsored the company. Fabletics offers a deal to VIP members to get all of their clothes for a fraction of the price, making the brand affordable. The only catch is that your card gets charged around $50 a month, unless you decline in time for that month. The money does get put on your VIP account but that is a money commitment and something you have to keep up with monthly. They also have a variety of styles depending on the activity. People seem to really like their new, fun styles and quality.

  3. Gymshark- Gymshark has recently emerged as one of the best new activewear companies. The prices are reasonable and they have a large variety of styles and colors for men and women. I’ve heard mixed reviews depending on the product. They also have annual sales where the prices are fairly cheap.

  4. 90 Degree by Reflex- This brand is lesser known but has great quality for a great price. You might recognize this brand from Marshalls or T.J Maxx. They offer a variety of styles and colors and can provide a great alternative for some higher-end options. They can be found in Marshalls, T.J Maxx, online, or on Amazon. I highly recommend checking them out!