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This pandemic has been an emotionally and mentally draining time for everyone, and being a college student right now has only amplified these feelings. These circumstances have made self-care a bigger priority for so many people, which in turn has popularized the practice of manifestation. 

Manifestation is the idea of attracting something into your life through mindful belief practices. When you are focusing on putting out positive energy, you are going to attract so much more positive energy into your life. Essentially, you get back what you put out. Seems simple enough right? 

Well, that’s where it gets tricky because manifestation can have a lot of moving parts. This can make it appear intimidating and difficult to implement into your daily life. That’s where Giselle Taminez comes in. My mom, Giselle Taminez, is a manifestation coach who has worked with countless women on the idea that we are active co-creators of our realities. It can be incredibly empowering to feel the control you have over making your dreams come to fruition. I felt like there was no better person to talk to about how the power of manifestation can be used to build ourselves up as women, and how we can all make it a part of our lives. 

When discussing how intimidating manifestation can be, my mom was quick to remind me that we manifest every day with the emotions we feel and focus on. We manifest with the movies we play in our heads about our lives. With our feelings, we can manifest joy and happiness, but also chaos and sadness. People who are always thinking about the worst-case scenario attract more of these types of events into their lives. Manifestation is a tool you can harness and use for your benefit, but its working relies on you actively choosing to maintain a positive mindset. 

My mom said if she could tell her college self anything about manifestation, it would be that she is worthy of and good enough for all her dreams and desires. She explains how she wishes she had this mindset in her college years because you manifest what you believe. If you do not believe you are good enough, you are going to be stuck in a negative mindset and prevent yourself from reaching your full potential. In our college years, as we are still coming into ourselves, it can be difficult to fully embrace who we are. My mom explained how she realizes now that the reality she created for herself in her college years was brought on by her beliefs being stuck in her insecurities.

The biggest thing to realize about manifesting is that it is deeply tied to your beliefs about yourself. As a great takeaway from our conversation, my mom explained how we as college women can start working towards making manifestation a tool, while we are still healing limiting beliefs. She emphasized the helpfulness of daily affirmations, gratitude practice, and vision boards.

Daily affirmations and gratitude practice are great because affirmations will help you shift beliefs about yourself little by little. Gratitude practice will help you shift your focus onto the good things in your life. Some great daily affirmations to start with are:

  • I can. 

  • I will. 

  • I am love. 

  • I am purpose. 

  • I was made with divine intention. 

Repeating these affirmations to yourself in the morning will set the tone for your day in a healing way. Gratitude practice builds off of positive energy because gratitude has a high vibration. If you focus on this type of energy by being grateful for the good things in your life, you will amplify the good by attracting more of those same high vibrations that you are putting out. To start gratitude practice at the end of every day, make a list of 5 things that you’re grateful for that have happened to you in the past 24 hours. These should be simple things that we typically take for granted; like catching up with friends, or drinking a cup of tea. This will help you shift your focus onto the good things happening in your life.

Vision boards are a very fun way of implementing manifestation. Creating vision boards is similar to the process of an architect making a blueprint of what they want to build because you are creating an idea energetically before making it a part of your reality. The process of sitting down and finding the images is an act of self-love and self-care and is about setting your intentions. 

Whatever technique you choose to start with, the most important thing to focus on when manifesting is how you want to feel. If you want to manifest your career, don’t think about the position or title. Instead, think about how you want your job to make you feel. Once you have that in mind, you want to connect to those feelings. You want to work on visualizing your feelings to connect to them and attract them. This is how you start creating your reality because you energetically create an experience for your life.

The biggest takeaway you need to realize to make manifestation less intimidating is that you cannot be attached to any of it, you feel it and then you let it go.  My mom stressed the importance of this because the universe has a way of delivering the experiences we need for our lives right now. This might seem contradictory for manifestation, but sometimes we are not ready to receive what we want, or what we want is not what we need. We have to believe that we will receive what is for the highest good. There is a culture of instant gratification and manifestation often takes time, and we have to be okay with that. Manifestation can be used as a tool to create our realities, but more importantly, it can be used as a tool to build ourselves up and allow us to feel our true power and potential. 


I am a sophomore at Elon University majoring in public health with a biology focus, and minoring in anthropology and biology.
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