How to Get Healthy for Spring



The winter blues are coming to an end, although it’s been snowing past the spring deadline, and warm weather is eventually approaching. You can sit around to study or hang out with friends, participate in activities, or go on walks or long travels. But is your health good enough to keep up? After bundling up in your dorm, wearing layers of clothing just to walk to class, and suffering through the cold, your health may have suffered. Getting sick once or twice, lack of sunlight and sleep, staying in the same room all day, and more winter activities can contribute to being weak, sore, and tired. Now your fragile body has to bare through warm temperatures and long days, but is she ready? Well, here are my tips from someone who doesn’t get good sleep, has bad allergies in the spring, and has gotten sick three times so far on how to bring your health back up to check for spring.

Naps are actually good for you

We know damn well that none of us sleep that great, whether it’s because of loud neighbors, early classes or internships, or all-nighters to study doesn’t matter. What matters is that your body is well rested enough to function. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, crash for 45 minutes in the middle of the day. If you roommate wants the lights on, bring a blanket and pillow to a lounge, lobby, or study room. Just don’t nap too long or you won’t rest well at night.

Are you eating well?

A good diet doesn’t just consist of what you eat, but when and how. Having three big meals in one day will affect your body completely differently than eating little snacks every now and then. I know college kids aren’t down to wake up early and eat breakfast, which is fine, but don’t combine a huge meal for breakfast and lunch. Eat small meals and snacks throughout the day so your body never runs out of energy. And remember, and snack can count as handful of nuts, a small bag of chips, or a Blue Bean beverage.


Anyone remember when your mom used to tell you over and over again to wear a coat on the days when it was cold, well my mom did that annoying repetitive thing with taking vitamins. All the time, everyday, I had to take vitamins. Truth be told, I don’t always remember to take them, but it’s important for you to understand why you should. The subtle things in life, like you dairy intake, getting sunlight, or drinking juice are really important to your body, and during the winter when all you can focus on is classwork and staying warm, we don’t get those things. There are even specific vitamins made just for women, and it’s highly recommended.

You really should exercise, sorry

I’m as stubborn as they get, but even I know the importance of exercising. It doesn’t have to be two hours doing cardio at the gym, okay? Exercise like taking a walk through town, doing squats in your dorm, playing tennis behind Founders, or frisbee in the dell. It’s scientifically proven that exercise boots happiness and good thoughts, so on the days that you’re not so busy and the weather is nice, take a half an hour at least to move around a bit. Even doing laps around campus is something.

Mental health

I can’t write this article without putting this in here, because I truly believe your mental health is more important than your physical health. Maybe you got depressed over the winter, not going outside, being stressed with classes or your peer drama. With the end of the semester weeks away, summer break is within eyesight, and you get months to do whatever you want: travel, work, or sleep all day. Make sure you’re up to it by taking care of yourself mentally.


So I’m allergic to pollen, so the first time that flowers start blooming isn’t as great to me to others, but that doesn’t mean my watery eyes and red skin makes me not enjoy spring. Allergy medicine is important to keep up on during the spring if you need it, so make sure you have a bottle ready.

Dress right

You’ve gone through most of this semester in sweatshirts and leggings, huh? Me too. But it’s time to shave legs and look cute again when the weather warms up. Separate your winter and spring clothes, and keep two or so heavy pieces in your room for days that get a bit cold or rainy, and the rest can be brought home or shoved under your bed. This de-clutters your clothes and makes it easier to pack up at the end of the semester.

Keep yourself busy, but not too busy

Don’t just sit around and let all this good weather go to waste. Get out there! Go on adventures, travel somewhere new, take a few friends, or just yourself. This year of college is coming to an end, and make sure it ends on a good note.