Melody Ballard is Keeping Her Resolutions

Name: Melody Ballard

Major: Grad Student- Health Communication

Some people give up on their new years resolution fairly quickly after the smoke of the fireworks fade and the Jenny Craig adds become less frequent. Not Melody she became passionately inspired to make a change and there is no stopping her now. She is determined to stick with her goals. Here are some questions we asked Melody.


HC: What is your new years resolution?

Melody: Changing my my diet and being more dedicated to the gym. I want to feel satisfied with myself.


HC: What inspired you?

Melody: I saw this documentary on Netflix called “Fittest on Earth”. It was a cross fit documentary. They were just ordinary people who were able to become fitness warriors. I have wanted to get healthier for a while. I lost 10-12 pounds over the summer doing the couch to 5k with my mom. I gained it all back when I went back to school. I want to lose that weight again. I knew I wanted to make a severe change.


HC: What are your goals?

“I want to be able to do a push up and a pull up. Basically, work on upper body strength. That is my short-term goal. For long term I want to do more events life half marathons, obstacles courses, and races.”


HC: Have you ever failed at doing a new years resolution before? Why do you think this will stick?

Melody: I have done all kinds of new years resolutions before. I went on an all yogurt diet.  A couple years ago it was a fad to do a single food diet. I though yogurt was the healthiest thing that I liked to eat. All of it ended up just going bad because I bought a ton of yogurt and then got sick of it. The best way to stick with your new years resolution is to make is reasonable. Having cheat days and not being to hard on myself has been helpful Make sure that you don’t expect perfection. Balance on the line. Sometimes we bully ourselves our of a new years resolution. I already had one cheat meal and when to sup dogs to get hot dogs with my sister.


HC: How do you think this resolution will change your daily life”.

Melody: I make myself get up in the morning now. I even create reasons that I have to get up in the morning. One day I parked my car outside the dorm knowing I would have to move it before 7am just so I would be up and going to head over to the gym afterwards.


HC: Do you have any other new years resolutions?

Melody: Yes, I want to practice music more. I play the piano and sing I want to make time to practice more. I am also a big movie buff. So it is on the bucket list to finish my movie list.

Don’t give up on your New Years Resolution. Keep going!