Her Campus Durham's Favourite Recipe - Rocky Road

This recipe is simple, requires no baking and is super adaptable! Sat watching GBBO? Wishing you were as talented (and that your lipstick was as perfect) as Candice? Or simply craving something sweet? Then look no further… Jess Lord’s easy-no bake-no faff-ridiculously good-rocky road…

125g butter 200g dark chocolate 100g milk or white chocolate (I prefer milk chocolate – but it’s up to you!) 3tbsp golden syrup 200g rich tea biscuits 100g mini marshmallows

Carefully melt together the first four ingredients. Break up the rich tea biscuits (not too small – you need some crunch!) Stir the biscuits and marshmallows into the melted chocolate, butter, and golden syrup. Pour into a shallow baking tin lined with tinfoil and place in the fridge. When firm, cut into pieces and enjoy. Best kept in the fridge.

Feel free to add more ingredients – so far I’ve tried:     Malteasers (chop them in half for a better distribution)     Glacé cherries     Cheerio’s     Cornflakes     Mars bar (sliced into small pieces) Send us any pics if you do give this a go!  

Oh, and don't worry - 0% chance you'll end up with a soggy bottom!