Things People with Mental Illness Want You to Know

Things People with Mental Illness want you to Know:

            Many people in the world suffer from mental illness, and all of them deserve to have a voice and be treated with respect and dignity. After interviewing several people with various mental illnesses, ranging from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD and borderline personality disorder. Here are the things they want you to know about them and their mental illness.

“Not all Cases are the Same”

            One of the most mentioned things across the board of people interviewed include the misconception that all peoples anxiety is the same, or all peoples OCD is the same. Just like how not all people are the same, not all ways people suffer through mental illness are the same. People can have the same disorder but be affected differently, react differently, and cope differently despite their commonality.

“No Matter what, you Have Good and Bad Days”

            Another big idea among the people I interviewed is the idea of consistency or lack there-of. Everyone with mental illness knows that everyday is a battle, but some days are better than others and no matter how well you normally manage your disability you can still have bad days. Despite how well someone’s depression or other mental illness is managed, there will always be good and bad days.

“Not Every Case Requires Medication”

A common comment people make is about an individuals medication, and not only is this question not appropriate, it’s a question people with mental illness want you to know is not something they want to discuss. Not every mental illness requires medication, and whether or not an individual manages their mental health with or without medication is strictly their business.

“Mental Illness is just as Relevant as Physical Disabilities/Illness”

            This is HUGE. Mental illness and disabilities are just as relevant and important and impactful as a physical or visible illness or disability. Just because you cannot see someone’s mental illness does not mean they don’t bother them or challenge them on an everyday basis. Mental illness is just as impactful and influential as physical ailments, period.

“My Mental Illness Doesn’t Define Me”

            Mental illness is a part of who somebody is, but it is not who they are and not the sole trait they possess. Often people feel that a mental illness defines an individual, but that is not the case. Mental illness is only a piece of the puzzle, but doesn’t define people as a whole.

            Mental illness affects everyone differently, and can vary from each individual. Always remember to be patient, courteous, and treat everyone with love and respect regardless of their mental illness.