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Fun Ways to Enjoy Working Out This Spring

The summer is approaching and all of us want those bikini bodies back. The only problem is stepping outside of our comfort zone and actually working out. Thankfully, the weather is becoming nicer and that is a big motivation. That is why I have provided a list of some fun outdoor activities that will help you get in shape for the summer.

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Find local bicycle rental places and explore the nearby area. Cycling can become the way you move around the city every day. You won’t even have to force yourself to go work out.

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Changing that treadmill to a park or a promenade will change your workout completely. You will get energy from the sun and the nature around you, breathe a lot of fresh air and get away from your responsibilities for an hour. Create a playlist of your favorite songs and enjoy the run! What makes it even more fun is participating in local 5k races or marathons. To race and share positive emotions together with hundreds of people is a very energizing experience.

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Go to a beautiful park or a nature reserve to just hike and enjoy. Consume the energy that nature has to provide and discover some new places. If you try to hike up a hill, you will lose even more calories!

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Outdoor yoga

If you want a more relaxing activity, try doing yoga outdoors. In many cities, there are free classes in participating parks. However, if you can’t find an outdoor yoga class, find a video class on YouTube and use that to guide you.

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Fitness scavenger hunt

This can be a great idea if you are very determined and want to try something original. For a fitness scavenger hunt, you first have to map your route and decide what bodyweight exercises you will do. Then, decide what landmark will represent each of those exercises. For example, do 10 push-ups when you see a dog. This is a way to make your workout more playful and keep your mind off of other things while exercising.

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Beach volleyball

Even if you don’t know the rules or you’re very bad at it, take friends with you and you’ll have fun! Find the nearest beach volleyball court and this can become your new favorite thing to do with your friends.

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Rowing class

If you like being near water and want to try a new activity, rowing might be the right option for you. It will work on your core, legs and arms and let you lose up to 800 calories an hour.

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You can help your body while helping your community. Look for volunteering opportunities that involve physical activity like walking dogs or cleaning a nearby park. It might be easier to motivate yourself to help others than to work out.

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Additionally, you can do all of these activities together with your friends and be each other’s motivators! Whenever one of you is lazy, the others can drag her out and that way you won’t miss a day of exercise! If you need more motivation, go and buy yourself some new athletic wear. Having something new that you really like will make you want to wear it all the time! Good luck!

Alise is the President of the Her Campus at Drexel chapter. She is a senior studying Entertainment & Arts Management and hopes to work in the management of cultural organizations in the future. She is an international student from Latvia and loves traveling, photography, and dogs.
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