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Don’t go out and waste your money on exercise app subscriptions or fall in the pit of an influencer teasing you with 1 workout and then pressuring you to buy their unnecessarily expensive workout program. Here are the most simple and effective workouts for anyone. It requires little to no equipment if you choose. It is a simple workout that will make you actually want to go back to the gym the next day!


Treadmill Incline Walk for 30 Minutes

You may be saying to yourself right now, “what is walking going to do for me?” Well, walking on a flat incline will not really get your heart rate going, but using the combination of 12.0 incline with a 3 – 3.5 speed for a total of 30 minutes will get your blood flowing and get you sweating without the struggle of running full speed on a treadmill. This can also be interchanged with a stairmaster if your gym has one. Just walk at a 3.0 speed for 30 minutes as well.

Inner Thigh Workout for 6 Minutes

This requires you to lay on the ground on your side and cross the top leg up and over the leg closer to the ground. The leg that is closest to the ground you will pulse it up for one minute… after 1 minute (without stopping) start circling your leg clockwise for 30 seconds, then counterclockwise for another 30 seconds, after that for 1 minute keep your leg steady. Repeat on the other leg totaling in 6 minutes


Abs for 10 Minutes

Follow this easy 10 minute ab workout. Each position requires 30 seconds:

Crunches, knee touch crunches, heel touches, bicycle crunches, Russian twists,reach through crunches,Legs to ceiling reach crunches, Toe tap leg lifts, flutter kicks, scissor kicks,leg lifts, alternating side crunch, crunch kicks, mountain climbers, plank, right plank, left plank, plank twists, spider climbers.

Yes this may seem like a lot but remember they are only 30 seconds each and if you are unsure of any of these positions, here is a video to the exact workout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbCt69XAUKA 


Hip Thrusts for 3 Minutes

I like to play my favorite song, usually around 3 minutes long and use a 15 pound weight and continuously hip thrust holding at the top for 3 seconds then releasing and holding for 3 seconds and then repeat the cycle until the song is over. 


Dumbbell Side Bends for 2 Minutes

Take a dumbbell or kettlebell (usually I use 20 pounds or less) and stand with your feet spread shoulder length apart. Bend towards the side with the weight so you feel the workout in your obliques. Bend 30 times to one side and then switch hands and repeat on the other side. It should take you a total of 2 minutes. 


Do one of these from the list or do them all! You can choose your difficulty or incorporate a little of each. These are always my go to workouts if I can’t think of anything else to do and they have stuck with me for the past few years. They take little time to remember and perfect.

Morgan is a Communications Major at Drexel University.She is Currently the Event Coordinator for Drexel's chapter. She is into travel, cooking and Fitness/wellness and may spend a little too much time online shopping.
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