Practice Self-Care But Make It Doable

If you know anything about self-care culture, you know that it can be very detailed. You search the internet for some tips and you get extensive face mask recipes, a 5-hour at-home spa regimen, or someone telling you to go on a 10-day long road trip by yourself. While those activities hypothetically sound amazing (I think we’d all love to escape midterms right now), it’s not always realistic.

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The definition of self-care -- let’s unpack that. It’s literally just taking care of yourself, right? That may sound easier than it actually is, but that doesn't mean it always has to be this substantial process that ends up being counterintuitive--a stressful activity that is supposed to be the opposite of that! There are so many different ways you can take care of yourself throughout an especially stressful week, and the great thing about that is is that it’s unique to you!

For me personally, self care just means taking an extra step to make sure my wellness is in check. When life gets super hectic, I tend to sacrifice one of three things: sleeping, healthy eating, and my social life (we’re all familiar with the good grades, sleep, and social life triangle). I’ve been getting better at noticing these patterns, so to take care of myself, I make sure to slow down on my work and give myself a break so that I’m fulfilling all three of those categories. You shouldn't have to “pick two” all the time!

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If I have the time at the end of a busy week to light a candle and take a bath for 5 hours—I’m not going to say no. Trust me, I love penciling in time to do nothing. Sometimes, however, thinking about scheduling in that free time can be a task in itself. So, remember that self-care looks different for everyone, and it can range from elaborate pampering sessions to basic human needs. Being aware of it is all it takes.