I Slept Naked For A Week, And Here's What I Found.

I have always heard about sleeping naked, and how much better it can be, but whenever a friend would admit to their nude slumbers, the only thought I had in my head was what the f*ck?

In my own defense, I grew up with brothers who valued privacy very little and the thought of one of them coming into my room to steal my phone cord with my ass out was absolutely terrifying.

But now that I am in college and living in my own place, I found that it was time to try sleeping butt ass naked.

There are a couple of things you should know before I tell you about my stripping TF down. My room is like a sauna. I have two walls of floor to ceiling windows and terrible air conditioning. So when it gets warm outside or even a little sunny, I roast in my bed. When we had our first warm day this spring, that night when I tried to sleep I was sweating buckets. Which is disgusting. It was like waking up after a bad dream drenched, and I didn't even get to sleep first. Another fatal flaw of mine is I am ADDICTED to blankets. I will not sleep without them, even if it's 90 degrees outside I can guarantee I will have a comforter, cozy blanket, and sheets on my body. Plus about a dozen pillows for good measure. 

So because even a t-shirt was making me way too hot to stand it, I tried sleeping naked. And it changed my f*cking life.

I was always someone who struggled when it came to sleeping. I always tossed and turned, woke up several times through the night, and had a hard time even falling asleep in the first place. Now I sleep like an absolute baby. I sleep so deeply and actually wake up feeling refreshed. At first I felt super strange, but once I relaxed I was out like a light.

10/10 recommend. 

So if you're having trouble in the sleeping department… Girl, STRIP IT DOWN!