Wake Up and Turn Off

I will admit, I’m just as guilty as everyone else when it comes to bad cell phone habits. But for the past year or so, I’ve been trying to be more aware of that routine reach for the phone before going to sleep or getting out of bed in the morning.


Studies from sleep.org have shown that the blue light emitted from phone, laptop, and television screens negatively impacts your sleeping schedule by reducing the production of melatonin. Besides the hormonal effects, responding to texts, answering emails, or swiping mindlessly through pictures before bedtime keeps the brain alert and racing when it should be relaxing. And obviously your REM cycle can be easily distrubed by a simple vibration or chime in the middle of the night from a random notification.

Personally, I start to get headaches if I have spent an extended period of time on my phone or doing something on my laptop. I can only imagine that these headaches would be amplified at night when the lights are off and a bright light is shining right into your face, which is probably not beneficial to ocular health, either.


For these specific health reasons, an interest in better sleep, and a less technology-dominated life, I have been trying to limit my screen-time before hitting the hay. I try to leave at least 30 minutes (although I admit that that is not always the case) of no technology. Sometimes it works out that I am so consumed by reading, homework, or projects that by the time I finish, all I want to do is climb into bed without even glancing at my phone. And those are the nights that I usually sleep the best!

So after trying to commit to this limited screen-time before bed, I have come up with another challenge for myself and I encourage anyone else to do the same: don’t look through your phone as soon as you wake up. Most of us sleep with our phone near the bed and may even use it for daily alarms, but I am going to try my best to turn off the alarm and then set my phone back down. I don’t need to be scrolling aimlessly through Instagram at 8 a.m. Usually nothing major has happened, anyways, so what’s the point. I’d much rather start my day by looking out of the window for the daily weather, going for breakfast, or relaxing and getting ready before class. I don’t want to start and end my day with technology; I’ve given it too big of a role in my life.


I will leave you with this: wake up and TURN OFF! Unless you’re reading my article, then I suggest turning off the technology for a bit and seeing what’s actually happening around you.