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We’ve all had those days where life is just way too overwhelming, and stress once again attempts to topple us. Here are 8 things you can do to combat stress! 

  1. BREATHE: Inhale, exhale and repeat! This helps me best in a quiet room with no people and dim lighting.

  2. SHOWER: Hot or cold, wash your stress away with some nice smelling soap, and a puffy loofah.

  3. BE CREATIVE: Write, draw, paint your emotions. Anything you want, let your mind get its thoughts out onto paper and into the world… It can keep you from a mental breakdown. It has helped me a lot.

  4. EAT: Ice cream always helps.

  5. CRY: It is okay to cry. This is why we have pillow covers– so we can cry onto them and wash them right away. No one ever has to know. Even if you are not sad, watch puppy adoption commercials and get your inner tears out.

  6. CLEAN: Clean everything and anything that will make your future life easier. This really helps me if I feel overwhelmed. Having a shiny mirror with no marks in it honestly helps a lot. 

  7. READ: Read something for enjoyment! It can be anything, just something to keep your mind off of whatever is bothering you. 

  8. DANCE: Dance until you can’t breathe! Put on your all-time favorite song and shake your stress away. If you can’t dance, who cares? Lock the door and shake it off. Sometimes it helps to do this right before bed– a natural Benadryl, if you will. 

Hope these helped! You can do this!

Hello! My name is Avantaea Siefke and I am from Columbus Ohio. I love to laugh, travel, and meet new people. I am obsessed with Spotify and learning about peoples taste in music. Oh and I freaking love chickens! That is all for this bio, Thank you!
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