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Plants and Positivity (Indoors!)

I’m a big plant advocate. I truly believe that sometimes life’s most complicated situations can be alleviated with nature. Nature literally makes the world go around, and so far in my, almost, 20 years of life, I’ve learned that plants are at the base of everything on this beautiful planet. On a macroecological sense, plants produce the necessary air that you breathe, but even more interesting is how much plants do for you on a microecological scale. 

If this concept is too outlandish for your taste, allow me to propose drinking tea when you don’t feel well. Most teas are herbs and spices that have been harvested from gardens, or potentially your backyard, if you’re not living in a dormitory at a university. But, what if you are? Living in a dormitory or community that doesn’t have much flora and greenery outside doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the outdoors in. Starting a green family doesn’t have to be complex or a hassle, and there’s so much potential to channel your creativity through it. There are so many benefits to having plants in your living area; including prevention of dry air in your space in the winter, improved productivity and energy, air purification, and they’re so pleasing to come home to. Hence, I’ve constructed a simplified guide to bring the peaceful, and chilly, outdoors in this autumn. I present to you: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Autumn Indoor Planting!

If selfcare is your thing…

If your world revolves around self-care, I am envious! If you’re anything like me, leading a busy, productive life probably leaves you exhausted, with limited time to invest in your wellness. A super versatile potted plant is aloe! Aloe leaves can be sliced open to expose aloe gel, which is naturally filled with so many benefits for skin. Use aloe on sunburns, mild forms of acne, zits, rashes, and skin clarity will show improvements. 

Why it will have you fallin’ for it: it’s a Succulent, so it’s hard to kill and that should be a relief for all you brown thumb possessing beings out there.

If wellness is your thing…

With shifting seasons and the transition to our warm scarves and fluffy sweaters, congestion and the common cold may have your sinuses struggling to seek release. Planting Bamboo may aid by detoxifying the air you breathe and increasing the amount of dryness in the air, allowing for more moisture and comfortable sinuses.

Why it will have you fallin’ for it: Bamboo requires little maintenance, but fast growth. There’s no need to dirty yourself with soil, as bamboo roots in water!

If visual stimulation is your thing…

Autumn days are colorful and picturesque during the daytime with the multicolor falling leaves, but unfortunately it also means much shorter days, hence darker evenings. With the sun setting much earlier in the evening, being able to come home to flourishing and colorful flora and greenery will greet you with positivity and tranquility. Desert Gems are perfect for their natural, effervescent colors encapsulating a sense of tranquility and familiarity, allowing you a peace of mind after a long-haul day.

Why it will have you fallin’ for it: Desert Gems are known for their eye-catching neon colors, efficient in brightening anyone’s day.

If ease is your thing…

Busy, overbooked schedules mean that sometimes things are forgotten, and that’s ok! Trying to balance a heavy workload as well as extra tasks, such as remembering to water the plants, is much harder than it looks. Planting a Spider plant is one of the least stressful ways to bring foliage into your space, as its physical appearance is stimulating to look and its adaptation to drought like conditions makes it a little to avoid dehydrating and killing your plants! 

Nicole Zeid

Denison '22

Hey there! I'm a compassionate positivity advocate from Columbus, Ohio, and I'm a sophomore majoring in Biology and minoring in Anthropology Sociology at Denison University. I’m lover of music, the great outdoors, and traveling! I live by the ideas of giving more than what you take, and doing more of what makes you happy.
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