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Yoga? Why You Should Let Out Your Inner Yogi

Alright, Lets face it.

Life is never gonna stop being busy or less overwhelming. But what if you could do something to make it all slow down? If you seem to constantly catch yourself focusing on just about anything other than yourself, maybe it’s time to incorporate something into your daily life that drives all focus to you. Incorporating yoga in your life may seem like just another exercise routine you already fail to commit to, but after committing for a short amount of time, you will understand the deep rooted benefits of starting your own yoga practice.

Here are three of our favorite benefits of incorporating yoga into our daily lives’:

  1. Let me tell you… it’s one hell of a workout. While mostly all workout are rigorous and sometimes hard to keep up with let alone commit to, the good thing about yoga is your practice is YOUR practice. Whether you’re practicing in the comfort of your own home or at a class in a studio, yoga practice is all about YOU and YOUR capabilities. Improvement is key, but the pace of which you improve is up to you.
  2. A deeper connection with YOU. Yoga is a wonderful way to keep in touch with your body. The biggest message in yoga is to learn to listen to your body. Through a focus on breathing and meditation, you will gain more physical and mental strength than you ever initially expected. For once, it’s really finally all about YOU.
  3. There are so many amazing benefits from practicing. Between improving your mental and physical health, yoga has also been proven to aid in your overall health immensely as well. It can help improve joints, overall flexibility, a healthy heart, blood pressure, manage stress and anxiety, and help individuals struggling with insomnia. 

Although the connection to your mind and body may take a little longer to achieve through a yoga practice when you first start, the health benefits you see will keep you drawn to your mat. So, what’s stopping you? Go on Pinterest and search “beginner’s guide to starting yoga” and start your practice today. It’s time to channel that inner yogi babe.

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