Coping With the First Quarter Blues

With school now in full swing, it seems like everyone is starting to lose that fresh motivation from the beginning of the quarter. Many students are stressed out about living in a new place (especially for the first time), midterms, picking majors, and the list goes on. Since the fall quarter can be such a stressful time, here are some tips on how to cope.

Keeping up With School and Staying Motivated

Make sure you are keeping up with school before you keep up with the Kardashians. Grades are a focal point of many student’s stress levels. I know it can be hard to stay motivated, but you just have to push through! Talking with your professors and asking for help is key to thoroughly understanding your class (and gives a good impression). Make goals in each class and write them on a sticky note to look at every so often. Staying organized will also help you be more successful in class, and it helps with feeling less chaotic. Most importantly, don’t skip class! I know it’s super tempting and sounds heavenly most of the time, but going to class is super important. Sometimes it’s all you can manage to do, and that’s good enough. Remember, give yourself breaks and don’t go too hard on yourself.

Picking (or not Picking) Your Major

You have time! Picking a major in your first year of college is not necessary at all. Take some classes that interest you, figure out what you really like to do, then go from there. Most colleges don’t require you to pick a major until the end of sophomore year. I have heard some of my first-year students talk about dropping out because they don’t know their majors and feel like college is a waste of money. It is okay to not immediately know! Make a list of your interests, strengths, and weaknesses, and make sure you’ve researched all of the programs your college offers. One may pop out at you that you never considered! Picking a major does not have to be a major stressor in your life (pun intended). 

Taking Care of Yourself

Make sure you are always putting yourself first, especially in times of stress. Self-care comes in different forms for everyone. Taking a day off to lay in bed, do face masks, and watch seven seasons of a show in one sitting is one of my personal favorites for relaxing. However, self-care could also mean taking a day to bust out all of the assignments you’ve been procrastinating. It could also mean taking a day to go on a hike, getting your nails done, or even just eating your favorite meal. Remember to make time to hang out with your friends, too! Basically, always remember to take the time to do things that make you happy. It’ll detox your emotions and give you some fresh new energy, and maybe even some motivation.

So, there! Some tips to help you get through this quarter, which by the way, could also be applied beyond that. Remember to drink water, eat your fruits and veggies, and take your makeup off before bed. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to make it to winter break!

Stay tuned for more!