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Why It’s Perfectly Normal to Talk to a Therapist

The thought of going to therapy can be intimidating, but here are five perks about it that might make it less scary!

General Self Care

Therapy is a great way to get your feelings out, clear your head, and get helpful insight into difficult situations. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting help, whether it’s one time or 100 times.

It’s Perfectly Normal to Talk About Your Feelings

As most people have probably experienced, bottling up feelings doesn’t usually end well. Wanting to talk about how you are feeling is a perfectly normal human emotion, and sometimes it’s much easier to talk to a stranger than to somebody you know very well. 

An Unbiased Opinion Can Be Helpful

Sometimes when you are talking to somebody that you are close to, they are biased towards you and don’t really give a different insight than the one you already had. Even though a therapist is there to help you, they see the situation from a bird’s-eye view and can give you the unbiased opinion that you needed to hear.

You Can Discover New Coping Mechinsms

Whether you are dealing with something minor or extremely major, coping mechanisms can benefit anyone. They can help you deal with any emotion and feeling and are honeslty extremely helpful. Sometimes you don’t even know that you needed them until you try them out.

You Learn New Things About Yourself

Sometimes, your feelings might reveal something that is deeper-rooted and you might not even know it. A therapist can help you discover new things about yourself and new ways to deal with them.

I hope this article helped ease your mind about therapy! Have a great week everyone.

Masha Gradushy

CU Boulder '22

Masha is a senior at CU Boulder and is majoring in Finance. When she's not doing school work or writing articles, you can probably find her working out, drinking an iced coffee, or scrolling through TikTok. She hopes you enjoy her content!
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