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Mid Semester Feels Brought to You By Jessica Day

LADIES! IT’S MIDTERM SEASON! How are all y’all doing? Struggling, procrastinating, dying in bed? Yes me too. So here I am, to help you procrastinate, and maybe (hopefully) make you laugh.

Here’s the midterm feels brought to you by the one and only Jessica Day. Here’s some New Girl pick me up for y'all.

Just the general feelings once your professors start giving out tests and expect you to do college-level work.

The state of denial when all you want to do is drink wine and binge watch a new (or old) Netflix series, and then proceed to do so, and then realize how much time you’ve spent not doing work.  When you actually start doing work and the feeling of despair starts to surround you and the feeling of nothingness takes over.  

And after you’ve been doing homework for five hours, acceptance and sadness hit you and you just realized that your life sucks. Really sucks.

Finally, you move to Buzzfeed, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. And the smallest things suddenly make you feel things you’ve never felt before because you’re so overwhelmed by the cuteness and amazingness of the Internet. 

Finally (20 minutes to three hours later), you realize the time you’ve wasted, you accept defeat.

Finally getting back to the real world… reality sinks back in and you realize that you hate everything and everyone.

And then you remember you are in college,  crushing it. You are a bomb a** babe who is amazing and deserves happiness and love and ice cream.

And that’s it. Hope it helped you procrastinate, feel better, and know that you are amazing.

XOXO, Noelle


Noelle Ireland

CU Boulder '22

Aspiring lifestyle and fashion photographer and student at CU Boulder. Hoping to empower women and be empowered by others.
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