Three Easy Workouts if You Hate Working Out

Working out (and physical activity in general) was unfortunately never something I liked to do. Not only was I both intimidated and uninformed, I didn’t want to take steps towards becoming active because I didn’t want to. It was hard work, and admittedly I’ve always been just a little lazy. I thought that people only worked out because they wanted to lose weight, and as someone who had a small frame and not a lot of weight, I didn’t see the point.


As I got older, I had an intense amount of stress through CEGEP and into university, and I wanted to find a way to combat anxiety. Since I was sixteen, I have been on and off at the gym, but for about the past year I have been taking it more seriously and regularly go to the gym on campus between classes. I’m still a beginner though – I have barely made it past cardio because I’m still getting used to the idea of going to the gym.


If you’re anything like me, you may be wondering where to start. I hope that my tips and experiences will help you to put your fear away and begin that workout!


  1. Inclined walking on the treadmill

The treadmill always seems like the safe, easy thing to go to at the gym. Turning the level up a little bit can do a lot more for your workout, though! It’s essentially the same thing as just walking up a hill, except you can control how steep and how quick you’re willing to go. I did this once just to try it out, and when my workout was done, I couldn’t believe that I’d been going so long and how many calories I had burned. I like to go at a high steepness level but prefer to keep my speed a little slower, but whatever works for you is great.


  1. Small sets of squats

I’m going to be honest: squats do make me feel incredibly sore. Fortunately, they aren’t actually hard to do. I think they are easiest to do when I’m distracted. If I’m talking to someone or listening to really good music, they can go by in a breeze. I prefer to do small sets of squats and take breaks in between. For example, if I plan on doing 30 squats, I will do three sets of ten, and take about a minute or two in between to grab some water and recollect myself before beginning again. The best part about squats is that you don’t need a gym to do them. I do a lot of squats at home or at work if I have some time.


  1. Elliptical over the bicycle

I prefer the elliptical to the bicycle because sitting makes me feel lazy, and I feel like I slide off the bike a lot during the workout. On the elliptical, my legs do the same amount of work, without the uncomfortable seat of the bicycle. The bars on the side also offer the choice to get a workout on your arms at the same time. I find the elliptical is made to go a little faster, but still go at your own speed to avoid overworking yourself.