5 Ways To Help Your Freshman Anxiety

Starting your first year of university is something that can induce a lot of stress. Every person is different when it comes to starting a new chapter, like university, but most of us students went through the exact same thing. Here are 5 tips that can really help you with your freshman anxiety.


1)    Organization is key

One thing that can reduce any kind of stress is staying organized. A good trick to staying organized is to keep track of any type of schoolwork. Try and find something that works for you, whether that be a planner, google calendar, a notebook; anything to keep track of homework, assignments, quizzes and exams. The trick is to have it written down somewhere and always keep it in your school bag. Once you write it down, it will automatically calm your anxiety. You don’t have to constantly think about it since it is in some sort of planner. All you have to do is check every beginning of the week and you will get a good idea of what your schedule will look like. This way you can start the week with the right headspace. There are many ways to stay on top of everything, but I personally believe this is the easiest one to adopt in university.



2)    Time management

We all procrastinate. It is a part of being a student. However, sometimes it gets overwhelming and you realize that you really did not manage your time properly. My trick with this problem is to have a set study schedule for every week. It sounds a lot harder and time consuming than it actually is. All you have to do is find templates for study schedules online. The point of this schedule is to visualize what you have to get stuff done for school. This way you can see the amount of time you actually need to get stuff done and also when you can take breaks.


3)    Don’t put pressure on yourself

The first year of university is always really difficult. You never really know if anyone is feeling the same emotions as you. But trust me, everyone is going through the exact same experience (even if no one looks anxious or scared.) It’s a big chapter of your life and it is stressful; you just have to remind yourself that you are not the only one going through this big change. The best way of getting rid of those jitters is to meet new people. This might seem scary at first, but it is a lot easier than it seems. As cliché as this sounds, be yourself and you will meet lots of cool people that you will get along with.



4)    Take breaks!

When you start getting homework or when you have to start studying for your first midterm, don’t feel bad for taking breaks. Study breaks are extremely important for your mental health and even physical health. It gives you time to take a step back and clear your mind. You also need time to move your body and direct some of your energy away from books. Take as much time as you want. However, it is easy to find ways to procrastinate once you start taking a break, so give yourself a set time so you don’t get too distracted.


5)    Have fun!

University, for most students, is the last step of our education. You’ve probably been in school for a good part of your life and it’s finally coming to an end. As much as this should be a joyous occasion, it’s also your last few years before you have to start looking for a job and start a career. Enjoy these last few years to experience new things while you have the chance. Don’t let the stress get to you because it will take all the fun out of your last school experience. Look up school events, join a club, anything you think will make your last years of university memorable!


All these tips were things that I wish were given to me during my first few weeks of university. These are all things I have learned from experience and hopefully can help you go through your first year of university, or simply just your first week back at school. Enjoy it!