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Two Local Coffee Shops Guaranteed to Add Some Perk to Your Midterm Studying

All-nighters, headaches and an overwhelming need for caffeine. Sound familiar? It’s midterm season, ladies, and were all just trying to (hopefully) survive and thrive.

When I can, I prefer to study away from my dorm. I find that putting myself in a setting with other hard-working people, and no distractions keeps me motivated to stay on task and study (and not binge-watch a whole season of Parks and Recreation in one sitting). So, that means I’ve become a coffee shop enthusiast. I mean it. I literally have a ‘coffee shops to visit’ board saved to my Instagram likes. Lucky for us Chicagoans, we have plenty of unique local coffee shops that are study approved (by yours truly) for when Dunkin’ just isn’t cutting it.

Spot #1: Sawada Coffee

Address: 112 N Green St, Chicago, IL 60607

Sawada is my favorite coffee shop at the moment. Opened by Hiroshi Sawada, a professional latte art master, they specialize in making your drinks look and taste TO DIE FOR. Just picture Paris Hilton saying, “that’s hot” here. Some days I’m here so long that they’ve offered me free phone and laptop charging. What’s also cool about Sawada is that you can arrive in the morning, get some espresso and a ridiculously good donut (oops) upstairs, then around lunchtime, grab a sandwich downstairs.

Sawada has created an environment where you can find a spot to study in and feel as if you are in your own little world. Sitting among other students and business people alike, under warm-tone string lights with a warm drink, you feel inspired to get sh*t done.

The only downside (or upside, depending on your taste) is that the music is somewhat loud. Now, if you’re an avid Bowie fan like me, you probably will enjoy it. If you’re not, definitely bring some earbuds.

Oh! One last thing. If you’re not a coffee gal, or you just want to get the true Sawada experience, order their most popular and aesthetically pleasing drink, the Military Style Matcha Latte (pictured above). You won’t regret it!

Spot #2: Meddle Coffee Bar

Address: 601 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 6066

I stumbled into this colorful and groovy little place while venturing around the loop. When you first walk in, you are greeted with the smell of rich Dark Matter coffee and a can’t miss neon coffee mug logo. A vibrant mural covers the walls. My favorite part would have to be the purple and orange floor accompanied with black seating and faux diamond studs. Yes. I said that. There is actually a coffee shop that has this. Meddle speaks to my inner psychedelic 70’s girl.

Every time I’ve gone into Meddle, even on the weekends, I’ve had no trouble finding a spot to set up my workspace. If you’re an artsy person, you will adore this place for studying or just a quick refuel during your day. Best of all, the drinks are not too expensive, and they offer a rewards program.

So, cozy? Check. Good Tunes? Check. Cute latte art? Check. Making everyone jealous of your study-space on Snapchat? Double check.

Overall, midterms can be utterly exhausting. But hey, at least they give us an excuse to venture out and find a new place to caffeinate.

Now go get your study on. You got this, girl!

Sara Soliani

Columbia Chicago '21

Sara Soliani
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