Four Things I Learned From Working Out Every Morning For A Week

As the end of the spring semester nears and summer starts to come a tiny bit closer to Chicago (I cringe as I write this… as it’s currently snowing.), most of us want to be in shape and have a strong summer body.

Now, before I begin, I think any body is a ‘summer body,’ and we should all love our bodies no matter the shape and size.

I decided that for one week, I would go from only doing light cardio every day to actual workout classes. For someone who used to struggle with social anxiety (I sometimes still do!), I found this challenge a little nerve-wracking as I was not sure about working out with incredibly fit people!

So, with pastel pink water bottle, a pair of bedazzled grip socks, and intense sleep deprivation, I was ready to start my seven-day challenge. Here are four little things I learned during this journey.

1.You will become a morning person

When I started this challenge, I completely forgot that my class schedule would be hard to work around with my heavy course load.  In the back of my mind, I almost wanted to use this as an excuse to forgo this mission and write an article on something completely off topic. But no, no. I am now a lean, mean, sleep deprived machine which can wake up at 5 am with a smile (kind of).

The first day waking up around 6 am to go workout was definitely hard, and I’m sure anyone who follows me on SnapChat quickly got annoyed with my sunrise snaps. A perk of getting up early, I guess!

Although it does get tiring at points, having a goal to work towards and look forward to every morning made getting up easier. I also felt way more energized in the morning and surprisingly didn’t need a nap mid-day! In the voice of Paris Hilton: ‘That’s hot!’

2.Your mind and body workout ~together~

After going so long with not properly working out, I realized that not only are you working out your body but also your mind. When doing exercises that seemed hard, all I have to do is tell myself inspiring things. It boosts your confidence a little (more on that in lesson number four). Being in a group of equally determined people who are radiating positive vibes cleared my mind and let me focus on my body and nothing else. I was able to become almost stress-free for an hour or so.

3.You will be motivated to do more during your day

After each workout, I would walk back to my dorm. Typically, I would probably have just taken an Uber. But, going to class in the morning allowed me to take long strolls through the lovely city and admire its views! I found myself getting little annoying errands done and finally completing essays that I have been putting off. Once you get in the habit of getting sh*t like a hard workout done, it’s hard not to apply that motto to everything else.


Plus, I finally discovered where to recycle in my dorm building!! It’s in the basement! I thought I was going to get attacked by a ghost, but I pulled through anyways! Thanks, pilates!


4.You will become more confident

Instead of admiring workout routines on people’s Instagram accounts, I did them, and damn, it feels good. After my classes at each studio I visited, I left with a new outlook on the day. My body felt stronger. When you look stronger, you feel stronger. Upon walking into my first class, I was nervous about being the only person there confused out of their mind. My planks looked like my butt was freaking out and my arms felt like jello. As someone who had struggled with social anxiety for so long, it feels freeing to be able to walk into a studio feeling vulnerable, with over a dozen other people, yet somehow feeling calm and at peace at the same time. Nonetheless, everyone around me was supportive. I eventually learned that we all have to start somewhere. Now, walking into class, I am smiling and excited, even if I have two left hands and feet during a new move.


Buying a cute pair of active leggings (on sale) also helps, too.​ Fast-forward to one week later, I’m still on my fitness grind. I look forward to my hour-or-so of no stress and having ‘me time.’ I have met so many amazing people already and have made friends with women of all ages and backgrounds! My body has become more toned, and by the end of my first week, I honestly wasn’t even thinking about achieving a ‘summer body.’

So, if you’re looking for a little sign to start a fitness routine or add a bit more exercise to your daily life, this is it. I promise you won’t regret it.

Sweat your heart out, ladies.