Weekly Wellness Tip: Pamper Yourself

Okay, okay: Before we even get started, I will freely admit that this week's wellness tip is no doubt the most cliché, "#selfcare" piece of advice I've shared yet. Up until last week, I myself would've sneered at the idea of posting an article singing the praises of face masks, manicures, or massages. But here's what I realized: the idea of pampering yourself-- whether you've got cucumbers on your eyes or are enjoying a chill night in your PJ's at 5 p.m. on a Friday-- is oft-repeated for a reason: It works, people! After a long few weeks of figuring out your schedule, tackling your first few assignments, and now (*sigh*) likely prepping for your first round of midterms, carving out a couple hours for good old fashioned R&R can do wonders for your mental clarity. So next time you're debating whether to take a break or chug through another several hours of studying, opt for that mug of herbal tea and treat yourself to an hour or two of peace-- cucumbers optional.