5 Thoughts You're Guaranteed To Have in Yoga Class

I've been practicing yoga on-and-off for almost four years. In that time, I've not only fallen in love with the physical exercise, but also learned to embrace with the meditative and spiritual side of the practice. Even when I'm not on my mat, the techniques and lessons I've learned in class help me to connect with my mind and body day in and day out. With that said, just because I'm a yogi at heart doesn't mean that I'm immune to the "#onlyatyoga" inner dialogue so many of us seem to encounter in group yoga settings. Because I just came from a class this morning and still floating high on my yoga vibes, I figured now was as good a time as any to document that monologue here:

1. *before class has started* How long until savasana?

Whether you've had a long day at work or were up late the night before, sometimes it's hard to stay motivated before getting into the rhythm of class. Try to enjoy the first few minutes by stretching silently and patting yourself on the back for making it to the mat today. 

2. Wow, it's hot in here.

Those of you who practice heated yoga will relate to that moment, ten minutes into class, when you realize "85 to 90 degrees" is no. joke.

3. You want me to put my foot where?!

Everyone comes to class with different levels of flexibility, so don't get freaked out if a pose is hard for you. It's called yoga "practice" for a reason!

4. If the person next to me exhales loudly one more time...

It's halfway through class, your muscles are shaking, and someone near you is making their prana breathing very known. Resist the urge to freak out by closing your eyes and refocusing on your own goals for class! 

5. Ahhh...!

The best moment of class is often the end, when everyone relaxes in savasana. Congrats-- you made it! Now embrace that post-yoga high and spread the good vibes throughout the rest of your day.