Colgate Workout Class Review: Interval Insanity with Meg Vreeland

I truly believe that one of the most underrated and unappreciated perks that Colgate has to offer is the ‘Gate Fit classes. On top of all of the fun competitions and giveaways throughout the year, ‘Gate Fit has to offer challenging classes with motivating instructors. I fell in love with the ~free~ workouts my freshman year when working to complete my PE Passports. I personally despise treadmills more than anything and am never brave enough to venture down into the weight room. These classes are a great alternative for a workout and did I mention...they are FREE. Most likely you will never again have the ability to attend as many classes as you’d like for free, so take advantage of it!

I am making it my mission to review all of the workout classes available this semester! I am starting my reviews off with Meg Vreeland’s “Interval Insanity” class. Meg is a senior and one of my best friends. I have been a frequent attendee of Meg’s classes since she started teaching her sophomore year. “Interval Insanity” is a high-intensity workout that includes bursts of cardio throughout. This class works your ENTIRE body, no major body part is neglected. This makes for an incredible workout but a sometimes tough recovery… after attending her class on Tuesday, I was very sore and usually am after every one of them!

Class Rating:10/10

Music Rating:10/10

Instructor Rating:11/10 :)

Meg’s classes are awesome for people with 0 fitness experience to people who are super active but just want to try something new! The class is usually circuit, stations or partner based. The class I attended on Tuesday was circuit based, structured with 45 seconds of a strength exercise and then 30 seconds of cardio before moving onto the next station. After one circuit is completed there is a much-needed water break before the circuit is then repeated a second time. Within the stations, you can do as many or as little reps as you’d like with as little or as heavyweight as you’d want.  As well, Meg always makes a point to mention any adaptations to make moves easier or harder, making the exercises inclusive to all levels. Circuits will tend to rotate from an ab station to an arm station to a leg station, giving your muscles a bit of time to recharge before the next time you need them.

This class is an incredible workout but it is really Meg and her music that make this class so enjoyable and worthwhile. Meg is always upbeat and she spews motivation! She effortlessly takes control of the room in a positive way to make everyone work to their utmost potential. Throughout the class, she travels from station to station offering words of encouragement to push through the workout or she offers suggestions to help you with your form, keeping everyone safe from injuries! On top of her stellar attitude, Meg’s music is your dream workout (and/or pregame) playlist! She controls the music from her Apple Watch and always makes sure the music matches the mood of the room, never letting a slow part of the song to hit when you are doing a cardio exercise.

If you haven't tried Meg’s class yet you must! She teaches Tuesday and Thursdays at 4:30 pm in Huntington 303!!!

Examples of some exercises from Tuesday’s class…

Strength Examples (45 seconds each):

  • Plié squat with a kettlebell

  • Forearm plank on an exercise ball

  • Shoulder raise with dumbbells

  • Box Jumps

Cardio Examples (30 seconds each):

  • Froggies

  • Side sprints

  • 180 squat jumps

  • Jump rope

Watch out for more ‘Gate Fit class reviews to come!!!