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8 Ways to Beat Back to School Stress


1.) Take a bath.

After a long stressful day back at classes set some time aside to be off your phone and settle into a relaxing warm bath. Light a candle and add some essential oils to spice up your bath while increasing the relaxation.

2.) Do a face mask.

Whenever I get stressed, I immediately breakout into acne. This is common for most people. To stay ahead of the game, I invest plenty of time into self-care which for me means some face masks. It’s hard to be stressed when your skin is glowing every time you look in a mirror.

3.) Eat Breakfast and Drink Water

The best meal of the day is breakfast it wakes you up, helps with the mid-day slump, and keeps you from being grumpy. It’s the best way to start your day and take a second to make yourself a balanced breakfast.

4.) Make sure to sleep

Sleep is so important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I have watched so many of my friends have mental breakdowns mostly from a lack of sleep. It is important to try and get 6-8 hours of sleep a night in order for your body to rest and process the events that happened to you throughout the day.

4.) Get ahead on your readings

One of the best ways to rid stress from your future is to just go ahead and read. The more you read ahead, the less you will find yourself caught in class saying, “Oh, I forgot we had to read that.” It will have you prepped for class and save yourself some work later in the semester.

6.) Carefully Read the Syllabus

After the first day of classes I line up all my syllabi next to my planner and write down all the due dates. That way I don’t have to always pull out each syllabus to figure out what I have due the next day, and it gives me a general idea of how I will time manage for the rest of the semester. It’s a great way to get ahead on organization.

7.) Have Lunch with Friends

Make sure that you are still making time out everyday to have some interaction with your friends to help keep you sane. College is about learning to balance your work, money, social life and sleep. You need all of these things to help keep you sane and happy.

8.) Exercise

Lastly, don’t quit exercising because you get busy. It is a great way to release endorphins and get your mind off of schoolwork. Most colleges offer free work out classes so if you aren’t a gym guru then commit to going to a yoga or spin class two to three times a week. Bring a friend so you can socialize and stay healthy.

Emmalee Johnson

South Carolina '22

English Major @ CCU
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