10 Struggles Every Anxious Person Has at the Gym

The gym is a rough place. It's full of obnoxious meatheads, the music is always bad, and everyone seems like they're judging you. The gym is even worse when you're a naturally anxious person. I'm here to tell all of you anxiety-riddled people that you're not alone in hating the gym. I totally relate. Here, I've come up with a list of ten struggles anxious people face at the gym:

1. You have to go super early to avoid crowds

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2. It's really hard to wake up so early

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3. You feel like everyone is staring at you

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4. You're super afraid to use the machines because you might mess upgym fail GIF



5. Whenever you mess up you just want to pack up and leave

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6. You're too self-conscious to exercise next to someone that's really fit

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7. You don't want to explore the whole gym because you're too afraid that people will judge you

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8. You need to listen to music to feel more comfortable

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9. You just want to use the elliptical because that's the only thing you 100% know how to operate

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10. But you feel really proud of yourself when you try something new in the gym

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