A Work-Out Playlist to go with The 7-Day Tiny Waste Challenge

Doing my usual Facebook scroll, I stumbled upon this video that one of my friends had shared. “The 7-Day Tiny Waste Challenge" sounded so intriguing to me. As I watch the video, these rules come up:

1.      No soda.

2.      No bread.

3.      No pasta.

4.      No sweets.

5.      No alcohol.

6.      No red meat.

I sat back and said, “okay that wouldn’t be that hard actually.”

What, Courtney? Are you kidding? I could probably pull this off for two days, three max.

The daily challenges for the week would be:

1.      A glass of orange juice.

2.      6 bottles of water.

3.      Fruits and veggies.

4.      30 minutes of workout.

This list eased my mind a little, because this is totally doable. I love orange juice, I always carry water with me to and from class every single day, I eat fruit in the mornings and veggies with every dinner. The only part I’m missing is the workout, but for only 30 minutes, I can work that into my morning!

This is something I truly want to succeed in and record my progress/results. It may sound ridiculous since it’s only a week, but I’m very curious to see how different my body will feel! This is not something I would do every week, no matter how good I feel by the end. We get one body, yes, we must take care of it, but we must also have leverage in our diets. 

Now, for that playlist:

1. 'Till I Collpase- Eminem & Nate Dogg

2. Still D.R.E.- Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

3. Back That Thang Up- Juvenile, Mannie Fresh & Lil Wayne

4. Started From the Bottom- Drake

5. Beyonce- Formation 

6. This Is What You Came For- Calvin Harris & Rhianna

7. And absolutely anything by Demi Lovato 

Now pick up these weights girl, you got it!