10 Things to Do in Between Classes

Often times, we have chunks of time in between our classes throughout the day. Unfortunately, class schedules will not always be perfect and can leave us with numerous and awkward breaks between classes. They can range from thirty minutes, to an hour, to three hours!  However, there are many things that you can do to keep busy until your next class.

1. Homework/Study

Homework and studying are a couple things to do during the free time between your classes that are especially beneficial. These time chunks allow you to get ahead on work and studying before your next class. Hit the library, the Starbucks on campus, or even go exploring to find a new study spot!

2. Go to the Gym

If you have a little time in between classes, exercising is a great way to kill the time. Even if all you do is a little cardio, going to the gym and being active is always a great idea.

3. Read

Whether you are reading for fun, or reading for class, this is one of the best ways to spend your time during breaks.

4. Attend Office Hours

If one of your breaks falls within a professor’s office hours, this would be a great time to go in and ask any questions, or even review the material for class. Likewise, going to the tutoring center for help is another way to get ahead or catch up for a class.

5. Finish Errands

Doing errands during class breaks is a great way to cross things off of your to-do list. From target trips to paperwork, these time chunks are extremely helpful to finish up any small tasks that still need to be done.

6. Take a Nap

A 20-minute power nap is perfect for those shorter chunks of time in between classes. And those comfy chairs in AF and the library are the perfect place to doze off!

7. Apply for Scholarships

There are so many scholarships available that are waiting to be applied for! Use this time to apply for a few scholarships.

8. Plan for the Future

Utilize your breaks in between classes to meet with your program advisor, fine-tune your resume with the Career and Professional Development center, or plan for the future by searching for jobs, internships, or by making a to-do list.

9. Explore a New Eatery in the Circle

There are so many amazing eateries in Old-Town Orange. Take a stroll into the circle to discover a new place to eat. This is even better if you have a class break during lunch or dinner time!

10. Netflix

This is one of the most obvious things to do during your breaks! Catch up on that TV show, watch a movie, or binge watch a series.