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Why I Had A Harder Time Focusing On School In 2022 After Two Years Of Online Classes

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We all know that the covid-19 pandemic has caused devastating impacts on students and their abilities to learn. In 2022, we finally said goodbye to online classes, but I had some problems adjusting to the new reality.

2022 was the year that all colleges switched back to face-to-face classes, which got students excited to finally get together with their friends, classmates and teachers. What none of us predicted was that it would be very difficult to get used to presential classes again. 

It is impossible to deny that during online classes, we could be much more flexible with class attendance. We went to sleep without worrying about waking up late precisely because the only thing we had to do was to turn on the computer. Assignments were left for the last minute and when it came time for exams nobody worried much. All this has changed with the return of face-to-face classes, and we were not entirely prepared for that, which does not offer as much comfort to the students.

for some, it felt easier to concentrate during online classes than face-to-face ones

Another factor to comment on is that the pandemic has taken away many people’s ability to socialize. Many suffered due to having to talk to others in person rather than through a cell phone or a computer screen. In my personal experience, as time went by, everything adjusted and the fear of socializing went away, giving way to the excitement of seeing our friends on a daily basis. 

For me, the hardest part was to concentrate in class again. My lateness became a regular thing and I, who was never used to missing classes, missed many. Without any doubt, these were some of the after-effects that the period of isolation left on me. I had never been so excited to study, and yet I still couldn’t concentrate. 

As a freshman in college, my enthusiasm was gigantic. All the classes on my schedule were interesting and I felt that they would all add to my education. What I wanted most was to devote myself to these classes, but usually after twenty minutes, inevitably, I was already on my cell phone.

No matter how hard I tried, I always ended up losing focus and I have the feeling that this happened to other people, not just me. The comfort that I was offered in the online classes really hurt my performance in the face-to-face classes. 

this year, I always ended up losing focus during classes

If you are struggling with the same feelings, I can only tell you that my solution was to try harder than I was doing before, and although it was very tiring, it was worth it. 

My results were extraordinary, and even though I thought that maybe it wouldn’t work out and that I wouldn’t adapt, I did. I really hope that whoever is going through what I went through understands that this will end and knows that the burden of having difficulty paying attention in class is a temporary problem.

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The article above was edited by Julia Queiroz.

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