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I Went Back To School With Anxiety After Covid: How Do I Deal With It?

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

We have been through really hard times during the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All of us, as a global population, are still dealing with the impacts of this historic event, such as pain, loss, fear, social isolation, and also financial problems, which, for sure, brought us insecurities and mental health issues. Now, even though the virus is still around, our current situation allows us to have some of our normal activities back, including returning to school. However, this amazing fact comes with uncertainties and a lot of anxiety.

My name is Anna Muradi, and I am a college student that suffers from this type of problem. I have been diagnosed with anxiety during the pandemic and this whole scenario affected my learning process deeply, so this return to the in-person classes is very relieving for me and all the students as well.

I know that we waited for so long to see our friends and teachers daily again, but after all that happened, it’s normal not to feel a hundred percent safe and have doubts, even when we are happy and excited. We need to keep in mind that humanity went through a lot and coming back to the routine can also be challenging.

To make this memorable moment a little easier, I prepared some advice that you may want to follow to help release the anxiety and bring some confidence and safety to your days.

Seek for help!

First of all, you should be aware that if you have any mental health illness, you need to talk to a professional that will provide you assistance. This is a serious subject and needs visibility and attention.

Take care of yourself 

One of the things I like the most is to meditate, it really helps to clear and calm down our minds, increasing our concentration and avoiding eventual crises, if you turn it into a part of your routine. I am not going to forget to mention the physical activities, they are helpful to release tension and make our bodies produce more endorphins, known as the happiness hormone. 

Plan your days

Another good habit to practice is to organize your routine, this way you will be able to make time for yourself, be with your friends and family. We need some recreation time to be healthy and have a good academic performance. Besides, if you plan your days your studying routine will be less stressful, you won’t miss deadlines or spend the night studying for a test that you forgot you had.


The article above was written by Anna Muradi and edited by Nicoly Bastos. Liked this type of content? Check out Her Campus Casper Libero for more!

Anna Muradi

Casper Libero '25

Journalism student at Casper Libero that loves to write and learn about different subjects