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#5 Ways to Improve Your Focus During Online Classes

It is very hard to focus when you’re used to having classes in person, so during this time most of us are having trouble focusing at home, especially for study. But there are some tips so you can improve your focus during online classes, check it out!

Turn off your cell phone or put it far away

This is the basics to being focused. In most classes, cell phones are forbidden, so it is very helpful if you put your phone away. An example: while you are at your bedroom having classes, your cellphone can be at the kitchen or living room.

The pomodoro technique

There is a technique called “Pomodoro Technique” to be productive and also to stay focused. You need to set a 25 or 30 minutes timer four or five sets (in your computer or phone), and
between these sets, you can leave 5 or 10 minutes to do whatever you want (even check your phone), but after these minutes, you have to stay focus the next 25/30 minutes, so in total you will have 2 hours and a half with 40 minutes of rest.
With this method you can do whatever you want to do with one hundred percent focus.

Quiet and bright place

Being in a room with a lot of noise is bad, because you cannot concentrate on what you are doing. You can not study while you parents are watching TV, for example. So it is extremely
important that you study in a very quiet place.
Another thing is that the room needs to have good light, so you can see what you are doing and not harm your eyes by reading and watching online classes in a room with low light.

Keep your study desk organized

So then you can see where are the things you will need. Also, displaying all the stuff that you are going to use is important too, because you do not lose focus looking for them.

Leave a water bottle close

It is very important to drink water during the day, so you can leave a bottle on your desk, then you won’t need to get up and leave the room to get some. With the water besides you, it is easier to keep focus instead of getting up multiple times.

I hope these tips can help you improve your focus during online classes. It is very difficult to have one hundred percent of focus when you are studying at home, your “relaxed” place, but in the quarantine and isolation times, it is necessary.


The article above was edited by Thays Avila.

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