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Start Slow: How To Move Your Body After Not Exercising For a While

Getting back to a workout routine can be tough. Maybe you became sedentary during quarantine, had busy days and couldn’t find time to exercise or were just suffering to find motivation to get out of bed and move your body. Whatever reason made you stop exercising, there’s no need to blame yourself. You can always start again.

If you truly want to commit to a lasting routine, you can’t see exercising as a burden. If your only goal is to have a fit body, chances are you will drop out soon. Let me explain: physical changes can take some time to be perceptible to you and, mainly, to others. Only doing it to meet beauty standards is not a good idea.

Try focusing on all the other benefits that come from moving your body instead. You will have better mood, self-esteem and higher energy level. It can make you feel more relaxed and sleep better at night. Your heart, bones and muscles will get stronger, and your sexual health, improved.

Needless to say, there’s a lot to gain in exercising. But, I know, it can be intimidating — even more if you are not used to it. So, how to make it easier? A good way to start is understanding that you don’t need to run a marathon or be able to carry a lot of weight in the first week. Slow and steady: that’s the secret.

You don’t need to do your whole workout routine at once if you struggle with time; just divide it routine to meet your schedule. Also, make sure to not push yourself too hard. Sure, it’s great to see how far we can go, but maybe save that for later. In the beginning, try to make exercising as comfortable as possible. Try to make moving your body fun, too! Dance to your favorite songs, jump around, invite a friend for a walk.

Remember that making sure your body is healthy enough to exercise is just as important as everything else. Eat your vegetables, drink plenty of water and try to get  enough sleep each night. Your mental and physical health will get much better!

Lethicia Lioi

Casper Libero '22

Journalism student.
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