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How Meditation Can Improve Your Lifestyle And How To Use It Effectively

Have you ever thought about taking half an hour out of your day and stop thinking about everything around you? Just standing still and doing nothing. Perhaps because of the world we live in, you may think this is a waste of time, but you are very wrong.

Today, 33% of the world population suffers from anxiety and Brazil is the second country with the highest consumption of medication for this disorder.

Taking care of the mind and taking care of the body are connected, so for one to be good the other must be fine as well. Meditating helps to reconnect with the body and lighten the mind, having a unique moment of heightened awareness, which will calm you down.


Learning the benefits

Did you know that meditation increases your productivity, reduces your stress, drives us to change, improves your physical activities, can help you lose weight, sleep better and even look younger?

Fernanda Zanquettin likes to practice meditation, she doesn't have any problems like anxiety but she explains: “I think it helps to keep me focused in stressful moments”. I asked her how she felt after the meditation and she said: "I even use it as a tool in times of a lot of activity, to get back into focus”.

Over time, meditation can bring many good things to your life, body, and mind. “I think it changes, yes, but there is also a part of it that makes you think about what you are experiencing if it makes sense. In this part, it can even bring discomfort, but it's for future changes or changes that need to be made”, she says.

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Through constant practice, she realized that the results are increasingly visible between theory and practice. “But the main change was in my attention and memory. Concomitant with the practices of asanas, I feel that I forget a lot less nowadays, and more focused on what I'm doing”, says Fernanda.


Social Media in action 

Nowadays it's much more accessible, quick and practical to start meditating, there are several apps like Meditopia, Zen, and Calm. In addition to several pages on Instagram that do live streams and produce content that assists in this process, some examples are Meditantes, Yogue.se, Meditehoje_ and Tadashi Kadomoto.

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We hope that after these tips you will go deeper into meditation practices and find a new way of life.


The article above was edited by Giullia Cartaxo and translated by Giovanna Favero.

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