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Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021: 5 Things You Can Do To Start The New Year Fresh

It has been definitely a difficult and quite a tricky year. Although we’re tired of 2020, the end is finally near, and all we want is to leave behind most of what this year brought us, and start the new one with the right foot. The fresh start does not begin automatically, it requires the right mindset, but also with the right mindset, and that’s why we came up with five really nice things to start 2021 off. 


Let this year go! 

Give dream mapping a chance

A dream map, or “mapa dos sonhos” in portuguese, is a visualization tool that helps you connect with your inner self. Write down your name in a sheet of paper, and start listing the things you want in the present sense. So if your dream is to buy a car, write down “I have a car” or “I’m thankful for my car”. In that way, your dreams will become much more clear; not only to you, but also to the universe itself. Let your mind wonder!

Wanna know more? Check this Instagram post out! It’ll help you visualize the whole idea!

Write down the things that really hurt you this year and destroy the paper

If it’s time to let go, let it go! Write down all things that hurt or made you uncomfortable, sad, angry or mad. Pour your heart out and make sure to put everything on that list. As soon as you’re done, you can rip the paper off, soak it or even burn it! Be creative and let those bad feelings stay in the past. It’s a new year and you definitely don’t need them.

Get your favorite 2020 pictures printed!

It’s been a harsh year, but I’m sure a few good memories are hanging on your phone, and if you wanna stick to something, stick to those. Get your favorite pictures printed and hang somewhere where you can truly visualize it. Was it hard? Yes. But look! Even in such a difficult year, you managed to enjoy and have nice memories to come back to.

Get a new hairstyle or haircut

This one is for those who cut their hair or bangs during quarantine. Wanna start your year off in the right direction? Get yourself a new haircut! Or shave your hair, dye it. Let that 2020 hairstyle in the past and focus on the future. You think it’s only about your mind? Oh no, your appearance can change wonders about how you see yourself. Give a new haircut a chance!

Clean out that closet and donate those unwanted pieces of clothes to charity

You know that 2015 coat that you no longer use? Or that pair of pants that doesn’t fit you as good, or the shoes that just do not vibe with your current style? Let those go. Try encouraging your family to do the same, clean the pieces and contact the closest charity to help someone out. And, oh! Don’t forget that the clothes must be in proper condition, don’t go around giving those ragged clothes away. Take your time, connect with what you want and what you don’t, and let them go. You’ll feel relieved!

But after all of this, remember: you are the one who can turn 2021 the best year of your life. Take your time to reflect, and think about the year that is almost finally over. Happy New Year!


The article above was edited by Mel Trench.

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