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The boho aesthetic is back! Right after fashion shows from major brands like Chloé, Stella McCartney, and even Gucci, we had a confirmation that the style is very much alive for this season. With elements of the hippie style from the 1970s with more folk and a “girly” feel, this is a great bet from brands for winter and summer this year.

How did the Boho style come about?

The term “boho” comes from “bohemian”, a style traditionally associated with European artists of the 1920s, who led a free and carefree life, which eventually spread to several countries over the years.

The first appearance of the boho look happened in the 1960s and 1970s, with the rise of the hippie movement, another reference for the style. In addition to the “peace and love” influence, the boho aesthetic has elements from other groups, such as Indigenous people, cowboys, gypsies, and peasants. We can say it’s a great mix!

It is a unique style, marked by the freedom of its different characteristics. For example, a fluid dress, with original prints, tailored vests, and Western boots.

Boho Chic: the favorite one 

The boho chic style is a traditional strand with some clear differences. As the name suggests, it combines conventional boho style with more sophisticated and modern elements. Basically, what the big brands are doing.

It is made up of refined fabrics, delicate prints, glamorous accessories, and lots of cool combinations, without losing the bohemian essence – which is the great face of boho. This combination results in more polished and refined looks, perfect for more formal occasions or for those who are fans of the boho look, but are searching for something more sophisticated.

The comeback 

For about two years now, we have been seeing some features of this aesthetic booming, such as crochet pieces, embroidery, and applications, especially those with a “handmade” look. Now, we are witnessing the return of vibrant colors and the lightness and fluidity of clothes, especially dresses. The biggest evidence is the great boom in smocks that showed signs last year but started with a bang during the spring in Europe.

A TV show that was very successful due to its aesthetics and conveys the boho style very well is Daisy Jones and The Six, which revolves around a rock band from LA from the 1970s. The production features costumes strongly marked by the style, which had great importance for fashion in the period, inserted in social and political contexts.

How brands are getting into Boho Style

The Western aesthetic has been popular for a while and what brands are doing is seizing this trend and incorporating it into the boho style, completely revamped and modern, with embroidery, applications, and more neutral colors.

Dresses with puff sleeves are timeless and very romantic pieces. When combined with a vest or layering, as presented by Chloé. To look even more boho, you can add cowboy boots.

You can also combine baggy denim pants with a good twill jacket, as Gucci showed us in their Resort 25 collection. Prints are also always welcome, combined with some cool accessories.

And crochet cannot be forgotten. Stella McCartney proved to us that it can be used in a chic and fun way without losing the boho essence.

Last but not least, Isabel Marant showed that it is possible to use boho in a cool, beautiful, and different way, with vibrant colors and – a lot of – leather.


The article above was edited by Giulia Giampietro.

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