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#4 Ways to Keep Your Mind Relaxed While Studying From Home

Com a proibição das aglomerações devido à pandemia do coronavírus, as instituições de ensino tiveram que se adequar ao novo modelo de vida e às classes remotas, para poder dar continuidade aos estudos. Outro modelo de ensino que tem ajudado alunos de diversos níveis durante o isolamento é o e-learning, consolidado e reconhecido no Brasil pelo Ministério da Educação e Cultura desde 1996.

E quais são as diferenças entre aulas remotas e ensino a distância? A maioria das aulas remotas ocorrem ao mesmo tempo que as aulas regulares, o que significa que são ao vivo; esse formato facilita o questionamento e o relacionamento com o professor e os colegas. Mas, no método de e-learning, as aulas são gravadas e o e-mail é amplamente utilizado para esclarecimento de dúvidas, já que não há interação direta com os professores.

Ambas as modalidades exigem disciplina e comprometimento, mas como ter um estudo eficiente em um ambiente com distrações e em um momento tão caótico como 2020? Uma das principais dificuldades é manter a mente relaxada e focada antes, durante e depois do aprendizado. Separamos algumas dicas para ajudar você a relaxar.


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Thinking too much about the present or a possible future can generate many points of tension on the body. Physical exercises help to control nervousness and decrease anxiety, as during the performance of these exercises, the body releases hormones such as endorphins and serotonins that help us being more relaxed and in a good mood.

Yoga, stretching, jumping rope and dancing are some exercises that we can be done in small places. If you have enough space to do some running, that is also a good option.

Allied to physical exercises there is a healthy and balanced diet. For the psychologist Camila Galafassi there are certain foods that help in the regulation of mood, such as peanuts and chocolate (the last one also helps in reducing anxiety). Bananas collaborate to control cycles of sleep. Besides, the Brazil Nut decreases stress and stimulates sleep.

Do Mental Exercises

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The psychologist Gabriella Fares indicates Mindfulness. According to her, this guided meditation technique has been studied by psychology and shown good results related to anxiety. Mindfulness consists of paying attention to emotions and thoughts in the present moment, analyzing our actions so that we can take positive initiatives about what we need to do. Gabriella says that the intention isn't to ‘not think’ but to observe thoughts without judgment, and that this activity must be done frequently, once attention is a skill and must be improved to show results over time.

The physical educator Fernanda Arantes says that breathing exercises are very important to stay focused, mainly because we are constantly overwhelmed with information. She teaches a way on how we can relax and focus more on our activities: “Breathe for a few moments focusing on inspiration, on the entry of renewed energies into your body and thinking about everything that is scheduled for that moment. On exhalation, feel your lungs emptying and with that air coming out, eliminate all your worries that are not necessary for your mind”.

The student of Publicity and Propaganda, Júlia Amato, has two techniques that help her when it comes to studying. She practices meditation before studying and during them she listens to Lo ‐ Fi, a style of music that has more soft beats.

Tidy Up Your Study Place

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To have good performance of studies, being in a quiet and comfortable place helps

Being in a quiet and comfortable place helps in the good performance of studies. Gabriella Fares indicates that we have a more organized, quiet and private place as possible, because with the least amount of stimuli we are more concentrated. The student Vitória Pereira decided to buy a hammock in order to create a more comfortable space while studying “I really like sunny days, they really change my mood. So, I thought about buying a hammock so I could study in the backyard while I relax and sunbathe. This, of course, makes my study more productive ”.

In addition to that, organizing the material in advance also prevents us from losing attention. Gabriella recommends leaving water and a snack nearby so that it is not necessary to get up often.

Camila Galafassi makes an attentive note: as many people have used cell phones and tablets as materials, one option is to disable notifications when using it so that we do not lose focus. "Anxiety and agitation are usually one of the main villains to focus on when studying."

Take a rest

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Camila and Gabriella assert that resting is an essential part of the study routine, once our body does not concentrate if we are tired, studying with the desire to sleep. With the reduction of leisure moments and times that we have fun, (like going out with friends, going to a party, going to the park) it’s necessary to find pleasant activities at home. Taking time to watch series or making video calls with friends have become important moments to face isolation and to create healthier study habits, so enjoy without any guilt.

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O artigo acima foi editado por Laura Enchioglo e traduzido por  Giovanna Favero .

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