Thoughts on Feeling Healthier

Thoughts I get when I think about being healthier.

Just do it.

Seriously, why can’t you just get up and do it?

You did it the other day.

Just go and be healthy.

You want to be healthy, don’t you?

Why did you eat that?

Why didn’t you eat that?

Look at you.

Look at them.

You’ll never be happy you know that right?

Don’t you feel better when you work out?

Let's go on Pinterest and find recipes to cook.

Tomorrow. I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll start tomorrow. First thing.

I meant tomorrow tomorrow.

Okay, next week.

This was just my last cheat day.

One last splurge.

Come on… its been so long.

Why did you just get so winded? That’s pathetic.

Try. Please… try.

Do it for you.

You can do this.

One step at a time.

You’ll do even better next time.

You can do this.

Five more minutes!

You love the burn!

Look how far you’ve come!

I’m proud of you.

You did it.

You are you.

You are enough.

I love you.