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4 Reasons Why Kickboxing Is the Best Exercise for Overall Health

We all reach points in our lives where we sit down and think, “I need to get my life together.” It’s easy to start stressing out about life and all the tasks there are to do, but there’s an even better solution: kickboxing! Kickboxing is not only a great exercise to stay fit, but it’s also an exercise that helps with your overall health, both physically and mentally. Here are four reasons why kickboxing should be added to your weekly routine.

Photo courtesy of Pexels

1. It works your entire body

 Kickboxing is a full body workout. Kickboxing doesn’t fall into the category of a leg day or an arm day at the gym. It helps tone your entire body. Kickboxing works your arms and abs when throwing combos and punches, and it works the muscles in your legs such as the quadriceps and hip abductors when performing kicks. In addition, it helps with endurance and stamina, which is good for a healthy heart.

2. It’s a confidence-booster

After kickboxing, you feel like you’re are unstoppable. It improves hand-eye coordination and improves skills for self-defense. Having these skills makes you feel more confident in yourself and not intimidated by anyone.

3. It helps you de-stress

What better way to relieve stress than on a punching bag? Throwing punches and kicks will help release any feelings of stress and/or anger and help clear your mind. Activities for releasing stress and anger are good for self-care.  

4. It boosts energy

Kickboxing will increase your energy levels. The combination of cardio and letting out toxic energy such as stress and anger will give you an energy boost and help you feel refreshed.

Overall, kickboxing has benefits for the body both inside and out. It’ is a great way to practice physical and emotional self-care. So, I’d recommend it be added to everyone’s weekly routine. 

Rep image courtesy of Pexels

Nateya is a junior at Carthage College majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Spanish from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In her free time she enjoys reading, and writing articles for her own personal blog.
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