Five Minute Workouts for Your Busy Schedule

Time has become very consuming with our schedules being filled up with school, work, class assignments and social activities that we don’t have time to go to the gym. Having a busy schedule doesn’t leave enough space to go to the gym and exercise.  It can’t be easy to find the time to go to the gym, but there are ways to just exercise without going to the gym. You can do in your own home or when you’re at work with just ten workouts that you can use fitting with your schedule. All you’ll need is 30 seconds within 5 minutes. 

Windshield Wiper 

Doing this workout isn’t simple, but it’ll keep you pumping in 30 seconds. You can do the wiper by lying down on your bed or on the floor of your room. All you need is spread your arms to a T or above your head, bring your knees together, and roll them left to right. You can do 20 sets of this workout. 

Forward Lunge

Who doesn’t remember doing these lunges for gym in high school? You can adapt this workout by using the stairs or simply doing plain lunges. This workout doesn’t only focus on your legs; your butt gets the most of these lunges as well. Doing 20 sets under 30 second of lunges back and forth will give you legs the best look for the summer. 

Seated Rotation

No one likes to be a couch potato, but you can use your couch for this workout. Either doing them on the floor or on the bed, your abs and legs with shape up before you know it. Bring your legs up front with your knees bent by lifting your heels up an inch then extend your arms out towards your chest and rotate your torso to from left and right. Just doing around 20 sets of this workout will make you feel the burn.

Squat Jump

Who said jumping isn’t a great form of exercising? Jumping around isn’t just for kids. Get a great intense jump workout by squatting down and jump as high as you can till you reach up the sky or your roof. Just doing 30 sets, you’ll be feeling like a kid again.

Wall Power Push-Offs

The wall has been seen as form of punishment when getting into trouble as a kid, but the wall has become a best friend to workouts. Using the wall is a great way to support yourself when you don’t want to workout on the ground. Doing 20 sets will get you to enjoy your time out.

Side Lunge

Doing forward lunges is great, so how about stepping-up a notch on those lunges? Side lunges get you more pumping because you’re moving side by side each time. Do 30 seconds of side lunges; each side gives you an intense workout.

Doing these workout will give you a great five minute workout that won’t need the gym. Don’t forget, stretch first before starting to exercise! Happy Workouts!