3 Quick Post Thanksgiving Exercise Routines

It’s never easy eating small portions when having a big dinner with loved ones, especially for Thanksgiving. At times we tend to eat big portions during Thanksgiving dinner, overstuffing ourselves and letting go of any diet or goals of stay healthy. But in the end, we feel horrible for eating too much. However when we end up filled with regret, you can do simply workouts that help not only with digestion, but also burn the calories of all the food you ate. Here are some three simple routines you can do after dinner or after Thanksgiving Day.

Take a Walk

Instead of walking to the living room and heading for the couch, why not head outside and take a walk? Taking a walk will help you get a low-cardio workout without going for full cardio that will make you feeling sick. You can take a walk around your neighborhood or if you don’t want to take a walk alone, take your family along and make it an activity that you all can enjoy. Plus, it’s fun to have company.

Bike Ride  

If taking a walk isn’t your thing, then a bike ride will help you burn all the calories you gained from eating too much. Riding a bike is another low-cardio form of exercise that helps getting rid of all the bloating you might feel after eating too much food. Not only that, but it’s a great way to ride to the nearest supermarket if you want to pick up last-minute Thanksgiving dessert. 

A Simple 30-Minute Workout

Even after eating a big turkey dinner, you might not want to go out because you’re having too much fun hanging out with your loved ones. And that’s okay! If you don’t want to workout after dinner, then you can workout the day after Thanksgiving. By making a 30-minute workout routine, you will be able to feel good. You can click here and checkout a 30-minute workout. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!