How to Dig Yourself Out of Self-Deprecating Thoughts

“Love yourself!’ “Think positively!” “You’re beautiful inside and out!” Yes, all of these words are true, but when you feel like sh*t, they don’t help much. While feeling self-deprecating is completely normal, it still hurts a whole lot. You can’t escape yourself… but you can distract yourself. 

I find that diverting my attention to something that I don’t feel self-conscious about is the quickest fix. I’m not going to lie, this past week, I hated myself. I even hated that I hated myself. Our insecurities manifest in many different ways; sometimes it’s around our bodies, how we socialize, how intelligent we are, etc. Even the most egotistical of us sometimes get trapped in self-deprecating thought patterns. We can curb these insecurities by reframing things and by going to therapy. However, sometimes you just need a quick reset. These are my quick fixes that have helped me get out of my funk.

The main goal is to remind yourself why you’re a boss a*s b*tch and, at the very least, get you out of your head.

Create Something

Have you considered how incredible it is that humans can create things from scratch? It’s great! Your first task is to create something. This could be making music, painting, knitting, woodworking, pillow fort making, choreographing, baking, friendship bracelet making, paper mache-ing. Don’t think about how good it will be, just create for the sake of creating. I personally like trying something I’ve never done before, because then you can be proud of having a new skill. 

Move your body

Moving around, especially after spending hours in front of a computer and work, is a game changer. Go for a walk, swim in the ocean, or ride your bike. My personal favorite form of movement is dancing around my room while blasting music. If you feel confident when you go to a gym or for a run, then absolutely exercise! Just remember that this is all about getting away from criticism and goal setting. We’re just trying to have fun and feel good.

Get into nature

When surrounded by nature, it’s easier to relinquish your individuality so that you don’t judge yourself harshly. We’re just small humans living in a big world, and likely the thing that’s stressing you out isn’t as consequential as it feels. This is a time to breathe and release the weight you bring around with yourself. Focusing on your surroundings rather than yourself is a step in preventing self-deprecating thoughts.


Finished? Think about how incredible and cool you are to be capable of learning, creating, dancing, and taking in the world! How lucky you are to be surrounded by trees, dirt, squirrels, other struggling people. 

These solutions are meant to help you in the short-term to get you out of your funk. However, frequently reminding yourself all of the incredible things you’re capable of will make you a more confident person in the long-run. Hold onto the things that make you happy. Remember that therapy is always an option if you feel like you can’t handle your feelings on your own. I wish everyone the best in their journey.