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The 14 Types of Heartbreak You Experience in College

When we think of heartbreak, we usually picture dramatically throwing ourselves onto our beds like Disney princesses and weeping into our pillow because a boy doesn’t like us back. However, as college students we are exposed to various types of heartbreaks that are different from the romantic norm:

1. Slowly watching all the classes you need to take to graduate on time fill up before your registration date

It’s fine. I didn’t want to graduate in June anyways.

2. Bombing a midterm you thought you did well on


3. Not finding a seat in the library during finals/midterms week

It’s when those who aren’t “regulars” at the library decide to show up.

4. Debating buying campus food or starving

The eternal struggle of eating Tacos-To-Go and risking stomach issues or not eating at all.

5. Checking your bank account after a night out

Uber and two-for-ones will be the death of my bank account.

6. The Starbucks line during UU hour 

Not worth getting nearly trampled by the caffeine-deprived college students.

7. Friday morning classes

Yikes. RIP.

8. When the frat boy doesn’t text you back

It’s cool. Go play beer die and be bro-y with your bros bro.

9. Considering selling a kidney to buy a textbook (PSA: Rent them)

And honestly, you may only open the book once during the entire quarter.

10. Walking to an 8 a.m. in the rain

Because California suddenly decided it didn’t want to be in a drought #NEWYEAR #NEWME

11. 8 a.m.’s in general

See above. 

12. Parking on campus

Don’t even try after 10 a.m.

13. Getting your heart broken right before finals

Really? Timing, people.

14. Seeing a dog in class or on campus and not being able to pet it

The ultimate tragedy.

Sure, college is definitely filled with its fair share of heartbreak, however you shouldn’t forget to enjoy the amazing parts, like giggling with your best friends over something that happened Friday night or taking a class in something you’re genuinely passionate about, even if it’s at 8 a.m.

Vini is a fourth year Biology Major with a Psych Minor at Cal Poly SLO. She hopes to work in the field of Public Health or Health Care Administration one day. Standing tall at 5'1, you can often find her shopping for cute heels online or talking nonstop to anyone she meets. When she's not cooped up at the library studying for Bio, she's out with friends (usually eating) or trying her hardest to be more outdoorsy even though she considers herself more of an "indoorsy" type. If you ever need help with what outfit to wear or need a good laugh, Vini's the person to talk to!   
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