5 Legit Reasons to Ditch Your Dreaded 8 a.m.Class

By the time the typical student gets through college, most will have taken the dreaded 8am class. There’s no gentle way to put this: 8 a.m.'s SUCK. And because their dreadfulness is universally understood, here are the 5 best reasons why you should ditch that awful morning class!

1. Let’s be honest, the prof doesn’t want to be there either.

No person genuinely likes getting up before the sun rises, and if they do, they probably aren’t actually human. Getting to an 8 a.m. class on time means bustling through traffic, getting ridiculous amounts of caffeine into your system, dealing with others who are just as grumpy as you are and professors that hate it just as much as you do.

2. There’s literally so many other things that suck less than going to class that early in the morning.

Things like, you know, sleeping in, getting a smoothie, going for a run, getting breakfast, etc.

3. It is scientifically proven that early classes are bad for students!

Scientists have proven that school starts way too early for middle and high school aged students, and while students at Cal Poly are a bit older than that, it’s no secret that college students are busy. Often times, college kids stay up far later studying, and having class at 8 a.m. prevents students from getting the full eight hours of sleep recommended to live a healthy lifestyle.

4. You can just get the notes from someone else, right?

There are always those kids who refuse to miss class, even if they have the plague or are falling asleep in their chairs. Someone is always going to be there to have the notes, and that’s all you really need to pass a class, right?

5.You likely have class for the rest of the day as well.

Students at Cal Poly typically don’t have only one class a day, and starting off your day with an 8 a.m. class dooms you to being grumpy and half-asleep until around noon. Not going to your 8 a.m. and getting a few extra hours of sleep will help you be more focused and more energized.

It’s important to note that some professors actually count attendance as part of their grading system, and if your 8 a.m. class happens to have one of those professors, it’s probably best for you to go. However, if you can realistically get away with missing an 8 a.m. class every so often, take advantage of it!