How To Navigate Your Fall Breakup

Summer has made way for fall, and you and your significant other have just split. Suddenly the leaves falling off the changing trees represent the tears tumbling down your face. Couples wander past you with their matching scarfs and beanies as you wonder if you’ll ever find true love. Just kidding, you’re a bad*ss b*tch and you don’t need no lover. Breakups are difficult! No one can deny that. But you’re going to get through these terrible times with these tips on how to navigate your fall breakup.

1. Remove all traces of your SO

You’re trying to move on with your life and having little reminders of your SO will hold you back from doing so. Throw out, donate or give away any memoirs you’ve collected over the years. If the thought of chucking out your keepsakes makes you want to vomit, place everything in a box and stick it somewhere out of sight until you’re truly ready to part with them. Then you can fill up the empty spots on your walls and desk with fun DIY fall decorations, such as a fall leaf garland or a carved pumpkin!

2. Spend some time alone

Don’t feel like you have to talk about what you’re going through right away. Friends and family may prod you for information, but if you want to lounge it out alone under your blankets, so be it! You deserve some time alone watching Hocus Pocus and snuggling with your cat.

3. And then spend time with friends

But don’t forget that you have loving friends who will do anything to make you happy again. Go on an invigorating hike up one of SLO’s many peaks or put together a photo shoot at the Avila Valley Barn. Going out, picking pumpkins and taking pictures will keep you from dwelling on what could have been.

4. Try something new

Going through such a significant life change can be disorienting. Take time to figure out how to be single again by exploring your passions and trying out new activities or hobbies. This is a great time to go to your first football game or to try your hand at baking goods like apple pies or pumpkin bread. Perhaps you’ve never had a PSL? We've heard they’re addictive.

5. And, finally, say these words to yourself every day:

“I am a beautiful, strong, independent person who doesn’t need anyone to make me happy.” Because you are, and no breakup can keep you down forever, even when a long gloomy winter is on its way. 

There isn’t really a specific way to navigate a breakup, no matter the season. The important thing is to take time to listen to what your mind and heart needs, and to remind yourself every day that you are strong. That, and to enjoy the treasures that come with fall.