The Little Things That Get Me Through Midterms

With midterms quickly approaching I find myself feeling very stressed! I am taking multiple classes this semester that require lots of homework and studying! However, these five tricks help the stress of midterms more bearable. I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful during midterm season! 


  1. Using Fun Supplies

Taking notes and studying with colorful pens, post its, and highlighters make hard tasks easier! Using colorful supplies helps me stay motivated when I review over class material. I think it makes my notes way more visually appealing. If you haven’t tried studying with cute pens or post it notes, I strongly recommend giving it a try!


2. Taking Breaks and Sleeping

While studying for midterms we often forget to take care of ourselves! Taking a small nap in between helps me stay focused and process more material. I also try to get eight hours of sleep during midterms so I can perform better on my tests. I have found that when I don’t get enough sleep before a midterm, I focus more on how tired I am rather than the test. Since then, I have been trying to get more sleep in order for me to perform well on all my test!

Girl Reading A Book In Bed Breanna Coon / Her Campus


3. Using Apps That Don’t Allow You To Go On Your Social Media

I don’t know about you, but when I study I tend to go on my phone more! However, I have found that using apps that don’t allow you to go on your social media help me stay off my phone and pay more attention on my tasks. I also recommend limiting the time limit on all of your social media apps that can be located on your settings (if you have an iPhone!) 

phone with social media displayed on screen Erik Lucatero | Unsplash


4. Eating Good Balanced Meals and Snacks

During midterms it’s important to make sure that your eating healthy foods! When I eat healthy snacks and meals in between studying, I am able to retain more information and keep my energy level up. Eating small, easy, and healthy snacks such as oranges, protein bars, bananas, or apples help you stay focused and healthy while studying!


5. Gum Trick

Not too long ago, I read that if you chew gum while studying and then chew gum while you take your test, you will remember more of the information that you studied! I tried this trick while I was studying for my environmental science midterm and I found that not only did I remember more information while I took my test, the gum also relieved a lot of stress! If you haven’t tried the gum trick before, I definitely believe that it’s worth trying!


Those were just a few of the things that I like to do during midterms! I hope they get you through the season! Good luck and happy studying!