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International Women’s Day Takes CLU Campus

On March 8, 2018, Cal Lutheran Students were invited to celebrate women everywhere during International Women’s Day on the Spine. With iCLU Radio’s Women Empowerment playlist (co-created by Her Campus) playing in the background, passersby could stop by the Her Campus table to pick up chocolate kisses and pens over a good game of Bra Pong.Students were invited to eat a chocolate and try to sink a ping pong ball into a bra cup! [pictured above]

In addition to Her Campus, club Delight (a new female ministry club on campus) encouraged students to write notes and affirmations to their loved ones to show that they were appreciated, paired thoughtfully with a flower.

It seemed as if all of Cal Lutheran’s clubs and offices were in on the action, with history club dedicating a table to “Badly Behaved Women,” which highlighted women throughout history that advocated for and/or accomplished societal changes. Career Services offered tips and provided guidelines for women looking to negotiate for equal paying salaries. Generation Difference, a club inspiring students to “make a difference” through both community services and protest, set up a board game where players could match up famous women of history with their accomplishments to win a candy.Cal Lutheran’s new club, Generation Difference, educating Cal Lutheran students about women while awarding winners with tootsie pops! [pictured above]

Between all these activities and the ambiance of an empowering playlist, students everywhere continued their day with smiles on their faces and the strength of women in their hearts! The excitement for next year’s event is already underway, and Her Campus co-president Simone Goerlich reported that “the other clubs and offices loved the event and can’t wait to be part of it next year. It’s so exciting to watch International Women’s Day grow every year!” Overall, to put the day into the words of Her Campus co-president Fran Cal: “[The best part of] International Women’s Day was watching the students of Cal Lutheran celebrate women! It was great to see our campus, and the clubs of our campus, come together to celebrate on the spine.”Her Campus Cal Lutheran presidents Simone and Fran were impressed with this year’s turnout and are already excited to celebrate again next year! [pictured above]


*all media content provided by Cal Lutheran’s photography team at Her Campus. 

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