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A Guide to the Newest Dairy-Free Halo Top Ice Cream Flavors

We all love ice cream but if you're like me, the nutrition facts make it so much more difficult to enjoy. Halo Top is known for being a delicious (and healthier) alternative to regular ice cream and with their recent launch of dairy-free options, I had to try them all! Here's a guide to the best flavors Halo Top has released.

Caramel Macchiato

This was the second best flavor I tried. It tastes like your typical coffee flavor with an extra touch of sweetness. It was similar to the Sea Salt Caramel, but had an addition of coffee. I probably wouldn’t purchase this flavor again since it tasted so similar to the Sea Salt Caramel.


I was expecting this to taste more decadent than it did. I realize that was an unfair expectation since the ice cream is low fat and low calorie, so how rich can it really be? That said, it still tasted really good and was similar to a chocolate frozen yogurt, if you will.  

Sea Salt Caramel

Hands down, the best dairy-free flavor Halo Top released. I have purchased endless amounts of this ice cream, so thank goodness it’s low calorie and low fat!

Chocolate Covered Banana

I watched some Youtube reviews after trying all the flavors to see what other people thought. I was really shocked to see that some people enjoyed this flavor. To me, it tastes like really artificial banana candy. If you like that taste, you will love this flavor. However, it tasted too artificial and bitter for me and I would opt out of buying this flavor again.

Cinnamon Roll

This flavor would be so much more delicious if it weren’t for its after taste. The after taste was so bitter and it made the entire flavor somewhat unenjoyable. The bitterness was similar to the taste you get from eating something directly after brushing your teeth, so definitely not enjoyable. I don’t think I’ll be buying this flavor again.

Oatmeal Cookie

Tastes exactly like it sounds - oatmeal. Actually, more like just oats. I thought they were going to have chunks of oatmeal cookies embedded within the ice cream, similar to that of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. However, the ice cream had lots of individual oat flakes. It added a bit of chewiness but it wasn’t something I liked. Peanut Butter Cup

I’m not the biggest fan of peanuts but this flavor was still very good. It had more of PBFit taste than the typical rich peanut butter flavor, but this is due to it being low fat.

Overall, each flavor had something different to offer. They were all delicious (with the exception of Chocolate Covered Banana). I really love that large popular companies, such as Halo Top, are beginning to offer vegan (cruelty-free) alternatives. 

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