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I Tried Saving the World: Zombie Run

Is running a drag? You know you probably should run for an extended list of reasons, but it’s always so boring. If you’re into audiobooks, sci-fi stories or zombies, I have the solution for you! The free app, Zombies, Run!, is a great way to make running fun again. The possibilities are endless with all the features of this app.

Running just got way more interesting.

With this app, you have the option to perform a mission, enroll in training programs, do one of their six in-app races or perform interval training.

Missions include post-zombie apocalyptic-like stories. Each one of these missions varies in length. Stories are not told the entire run. Each chapter lasts about two minutes with time in-between each chapter where you can play music from any music platform you’d like.

One cool added feature about missions is being able to turn chases on. When chases are enabled, at any time, zombies will start chasing you. The app is able to track how fast you’re running and tell you if zombies were or were not evaded. If zombies catch you, you will lose any supplies that have been collected along the run. Once the run is complete, you are able to see how far you ran while the zombies were chasing you.

If zombie stories aren’t your cup of tea, you can choose from any of the other features of the app. If you’ve ever wanted to run a marathon but not sure how to train for it, this app will help. There are three training programs that you can enroll in: 10k Beginner, 10k Intermediate and Half Marathon Beginner. Each programs runs between eight to 12 weeks, having a different run to complete three to five days a week.

New training features are coming soon. As things stand currently, you must do each training session on a particular day. With the new features, training sessions can be completed any day during the week.

Once training programs are complete, you can run any of their six in-app marathons. There are three options for each of the marathons: 5k, 10k and 20k.

All of these features are available with the free version of the app. If you choose to upgrade to their membership, even more features are unlocked. By using GPS, the app will “drop” special items essential in an apocalyptic world. You can run to these items in order to collect them. You can also perform interval runs with the membership. There are three options for intervals; each of these runs lasts about 25 minutes. You are also able to customize your runs and have full report statistics when upgraded. Membership costs $2.99 a month, or $19.99 for a year.

I used this app for one week and I found myself more excited before each run. When, for me at least, it sometimes can seem like pulling teeth before running, it became the complete opposite. I was fascinated to see what would happen in the following chapter.

Once I condition myself a bit more, I definitely see myself upgrading to the membership version. By being sent on missions and given a particular task on each run, I find it much more rewarding to complete a run. Although it’s 100 percent virtual, it’s still rewarding knowing you’re helping to save the planet just by running.

This app is great for anyone like me who wants to be more active and more consistent when running, but gets bored within only a few minutes. If you want to push yourself outside of your comfort zone when running, this app is perfect for you. There’s no harm in trying it either! What’s better than getting in shape for free?

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